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Despite many aesthetic and functional similarities, WikiMoon is not Wikipedia. Many of our rules and conventions are different - partly due to our relatively small size and userbase, but also due to deliberate decisions taken by the site's founders. As a general rule, the users here will be understanding of mistakes made by new contributors, but for more seasoned users, please bear in mind that the defence But that's how it's done on Wikipedia will not be accepted.

Major differences[edit]


The site infrastructure of WikiMoon is much simpler than Wikipedia. It may develop in the future, but it is unlikely to ever reach a Wikipedia level of complexity. Wikipedia's immense size means that things such as polling of members are not only feasible, but often necessary. In the case of our much smaller operation, such things would not work in a satisfactory manner.

Admin powers[edit]

On the whole, administrators reserve the right to act more unilaterally in terms of site maintenance than would be expected on Wikipedia. Because of the relatively small number of admins, discussions as to whether an article that was obviously created in error should be deleted could take a long time... and so, to avoid this, administrators are encouraged to take whatever action they think is necessary.


As a small project with a small number of administrators, persistent vandals can be an annoyance. While Wikipedia often gives vandals the benefit of the doubt, WikiMoon cannot afford to be so lenient. Obvious cases of vandalism will result in users being banned immediately. In the case of "test edits" that are potentially the result of new users unfamiliar with the concept of wikis, administrators will usually just revert the edits and leave the users a message; however, if such edits continue, the user in question will be banned.