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Redirects are a tool for turning a page into an automatic link to another article. They can be very useful, especially when dealing with alternative names. For instance, Molly and Osaka Naru both redirect to Naru Osaka.

How to make redirects

To create a redirect, simply insert the following code on the page you want the redirect to go from: #REDIRECT [[name of page]] - where 'name of page' is the title of the page you want users to be redirected to. Any text included after this command will not be visible. However, if any text is included before the redirect command, it will not function.

When to make redirects

Redirects might prove useful in any of the following circumstances:

  • When there are many commonly used variants of a character's name, setting up redirects from all of these to the character's page will be convenient for users: Anybody typing any of the alternative spellings into the search box will ultimately end up at the right page. Example: Elios redirects to Helios.
  • When a character's full name is not commonly used. WikiMoon articles usually take their title from a character's full name, although that name might not be well-known. Example: Professor Tomoe redirects to Professor Souichi Tomoe.
  • When a person (eg. an actor) has changed their name during the course of the series due to, say, marriage. Example: Taeko Yamada redirects to Taeko Kawata.
  • When dealing with dub names and episode titles. Example: A Moon Star Is Born redirects to Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation.
  • When commonly-used alter egos do not yet have their own articles, redirects can be made to point users to that character's other identity. Example: Akane Karasuma currently redirects to Sailor Lead Crow.

When not to make redirects

Do not make redirects if:

  • A name is ambiguous. For instance, a page redirecting Akiyama to Miharu Akiyama would be misleading, because there are two other Akiyamas in the series: Higure Akiyama and Fuyumi Akiyama. However in these instances it may be a good idea to set up a disambiguation page, as has been done in this case.
  • You've found a broken link resulting from a typo. For instance: Sailro Moon instead of Sailor Moon. Don't make 'Sailro Moon' into a redirect... just edit the page and correct the typo.
  • A page already exists at the address you want to turn into a redirect. Discuss the matter with other users and come to a consensus before proceeding with such drastic action.
  • The redirect is nonsensical, pointless or designed to offend. For instance, Your Mum redirecting to Zirconia.

Considerations when writing articles

Redirects are there because they're convenient, but don't abuse them. Try to link to the correct name of an article if possible, even if it means using pipe links. For instance, just because Umino redirects to Gurio Umino, that doesn't mean it's okay to just write [[Umino]] all the time. If you want to link to the article without the full name appearing in the text, use a pipe link like this: [[Gurio Umino|Umino]]. This appears as Umino but actually links to Gurio Umino.

There is, however, one important exception to this rule, and that's where a redirect exists as a placeholder for a future article. As discussed above, Akane Karasuma is currently a redirect to Sailor Lead Crow, but might eventually become its own article. Thus, do not use pipe links to make all mentions of Akane Karasuma go straight to Sailor Lead Crow, as this will be very inconvenient once the Akane Karasuma article is actually created.