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Some articles on WikiMoon are protected, either from anonymous edits or all non-admin edits. We try to limit the number of articles under this protection, and the reasoning is explained below.

Permanently protected pages

These pages include the Main Page, official policies, and templates. This is done to prevent vandalism and unauthorised alteration of core policies.

These pages may still be edited by admins as they see fit.

Temporarily protected pages

Some pages will occasionally be locked, either to prevent persistent vandalism or as the result of edit wars. These pages may still be edited by admins, although they should state their reasoning on the talk page when doing so.

The anniversaries will be protected in the month they will be appearing on the main page, and unprotected afterwards.

Semi-protected pages

These pages are protected from anonymous edits, but can still be edited by registered users.

Other pages will sometimes be placed under temporary semi-protection in order to prevent spamming from anonymous IPs. Pages currently under this protection are:

None at this time