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When writing articles for WikiMoon, be sure to use the corect perspective. Subjects that are part of canon should be written about using an in-universe perspective (See Wikimoon:Canon policy for a full explanation of what is considered part of canon).

The 'in-universe' perspective

This perspective assumes that the writer is part of the Sailor Moon universe. Events that occurred within the series are written about as if they were factual historical events. Editors should not refer to the production or audience when describing these events: simply assume that they are real. This should be used for all articles on canon subjects. Usually the past tense is used for these articles, apart from episode summaries.

There are, of course, some exceptions to the in-universe rule. Firstly, the opening paragraph does not have to be in-universe. This paragraph should give a brief definition of the term and mention in which continuities it appears. Since Sailor Moon has many different continuities, it is important to make clear which continuities apply to this term. For instance, is it only found in the anime? Or is it only found in the musicals? Make this clear in the opening paragraph, but the subsequent sections should assume the in-universe perspective.

It is also necessary to drop out of this perspective when discussing production details, non-canon details such as fandom or video games, etc. This is fine too, but be sure to use a separate section (or sections) for these notes.

The 'out-of-universe' perspective

This is the editor's true perspective: that of a viewer/reader of Sailor Moon. This should be used in all articles dealing with the making of the series, its actors, merchandise and so on.