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Sailor Moon is a series aimed primarily at children. This does not give you license to act like one. To avoid conflict, we strongly suggest that you act your age.

There's too much drama in the world[edit]

Yes, we know that the Sailor Moon online community is often a hotbed of "drama". Yes, we also know that some people seem to delight in such regrettable behaviour, either as a participant or as a gleeful onlooker. This is not one of those places, and if it ever becomes one, then the project will have failed. The aim of WikiMoon is to be an impartial documenter of Sailor Moon and its fandom.

Agree to compromise[edit]

All fans of Sailor Moon have differing views on certain aspects of the series... be it a contentious plot point or a tricky romanisation. Accept that there are people with different opinions to yours... and, more importantly, accept that you can never persuade everyone to agree with you. We want to represent all arguments here, but in some cases, such as the naming of articles, some opinions have to take priority over others.

For God's sake, calm down. It's only the internet[edit]

Debates can be heated and opinions can be strong. But if anything on this site is making you genuinely angry, then something's gone very wrong. It's only a website. About a cartoon. That ended in 1997. Nothing here is worth losing sleep over. If you're getting too heated then it's probably worth taking a break. No matter what the debate may be, you'll perform better with a clear head and an even temper.