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VKLL was the online identity of Valirianus Lam, a fansubber from Canada who began producing fansubbed anime on his own in the mid-1990s. He is best known for fansubbing Sailor Moon, but also subtitled Tokimeki Memorial, End of Evangelion, and Saint Tail.

Since DiC's original English dub ended after the first 65 episodes, VKLL offered fansubs of episodes of the R season, as well as all of S, SuperS, Stars, the three movies, and the SuperS Special. Once the first four seasons and movies were licensed for distribution in the US and subsequently dubbed by Cloverway, he stopped offering those tapes for distribution. However, because Stars had yet to be licensed in the US, he continued to offer his fansubs of that season until he ended distribution in early 2006.

Despite some minor translation errors in the subs and some controversies over the amount of money he charged for his fansubs, VKLL was the most famous fansubber of the Sailor Moon anime. During the time between when the original run of the dub ended and the new episodes aired, his tapes were the only way for fans to see any more of the series.