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I have yet to see any sort of rules that dictate how this page is supposed to be set up, so I'm going to treat it as a Bio page until someone tells me otherwise. Hi, I'm the_sweet, though I'm usually called Azurite. I swore I'd registered that username here on WikiMoon, but every single password combination I tried didn't work with it, and even though I asked it to email me the password, I never got anything... alas!

And for the record, no, my name has nothing to do with a fanfiction of a 'new' Dark Kingdom general. I'm female (not male), and my name was inspired by the actual gemstone, not a character inspired by the name of the gemstone.

I've been involved with Sailor Moon fandom for about 15 years now, though I obviously had my heyday long ago. I still enjoy the metaseries a great deal, and I hope I can contribute to this even a little. I'm much more knowledgeable about the anime and the manga than I am about the live action (which I've seen only once, though I have seen all the episodes and specials) or the musicals (which I've only seen portions of, never a complete one). I mainly write fanfiction, and I'm the holiday moderator of the Sailor Moon Romantic FanFiction Mailing List (SMRFF) over on Yahoo! Groups. I'm also the creator of the somewhat-defunct (but hopefully soon to be reborn) Project: Sailor V. Scanlations of Sailor V have been done by various groups, but many are of extremely low quality, so I hope PSV can garner enough support to do a quality translation of the revised editions of Sailor V.

Site: Seventh-Star.Net
Favorite Senshi? Mars is my favorite Inner, though I do have my swing moments of liking Jupiter and Venus as #1, too. Pluto is my favorite "Outer" Senshi. Sub or Dub? Both-- they both had their merits. I was a dubbie at first, but I've seen most of the series in its original Japanese.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I guess. :)