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Character Information
Name: Sailor Star Lover
Name (kanji/kana): Sailor Star Lover
Alignment: Kinmoku, Crystal Tokyo
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lives: Kinmoku, Crystal Tokyo
Occupation: Sailor Senshi
Family: unknown
Associates: Princess Kakyuu, Neo Queen Serenity, Solar System Senshi
Aliases: Hikari Aino, Princess Hikari
First Anime Appearance: N/A
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Sailor Star Lover
Actors: N/A
Sailor Star Lover

Sailor Star Lover is the leader of the Sailor Starlights of the 30th century. Her powers revolve around Love and beauty. She is the Starlight counterpart to Sailor Venus, with whom she is close friends with. She is also close firends with Sailors Jupiter and Mercury, but does not get along with Sailor Mars. Her civilian name is Hikari Aino (She took the surname Aino due to her close relationship with Minako, and the fact that they look exactly alike)


Stardust Beautiful Charge!- Offensive. She would conjure up an orb of pink energy and shot it at her target.

Stardust Beautiful Charge! Overtake!- Offensive. An advanced form of Stardust Beautiful Charge. but instead of firing it at the enemy, she would slam it on the ground causing the energy to travel underground and explode under the enemy.

Stardust Crisis Arrow!- Offensive. An attack preformed with the assistance of the Stardust Crisis Long-Bow (Her signature weapon). with it she would fire an arrow of pink stardust at the enemy, which would explode, killing them in a burst of energy.

Stardust Piercing Shot!- Offensive. An Advanced form of Stardust Crisis Arrow which, instead of a single arrow, would fire a beam (or shower) of energy at the target. could be explosive.

Stardust Heart Axel!- Offensive. Sailor Star Lover would summon energy to her, and fire a spinning heart of powerful energy at her enemy. (very similar to Sailor Venus's Technique Rolling Heart Vibration)

Stardust Heart-Ache Shield!- Defensive. The most versitile attack in her arsinal, it could be altered dramatically to her will, but appeared most oftenly as a large pink heart shaped near-transluscent force field.

Star Power! Stardust Beautiful Oblivion!- Offensive. Sailor Star Lover would draw out her Sailor Crystal and combine it with the Stardust Crisis Long-bow to create The Stardust Crisis Eternal Long-Sword, into which she would tranfer all of her energy, including her life force, into one ferocious murderous blast of unsurvivable energy. It is a suicide technique.


Lover Star Power! Make-up!- used to transform into Sailor Star Lover.

Lover Super Star Power! Make-up!- used to tranform into Super Sailor Star Lover.

Eternal Star Lover! Crisis Make-up!- used to transform into Eternal Sailor Star Lover.


1- identical to the regular Sailor Star Costume, save for her choker, glove attachments, tiara gem and belt which were light pink.

2- identical to her original costume, but with a pink back bow exactly like super sailor moon's and an identical hairbow (with a silver heart-shaped pin in the center).

3- her second costume, with a big pink bow attached to her top (resembling butterfly wings), fingerless gloves revealing her pink manicure ,eternal style boots, choker and gloves (with the V shaped ends), a star shaped brooch and a silver star shaped birthmark replacing her tiara.

                                    Random Info

-Her favorite color is Pink.

-Her least favorite color is Brown.

-Her favorite food is Ramen.

-Her least favorite food is Mushrooms.

-Her favorite Music is Rock.

-Her least Favorite Music is Rap.

-Her favorite smell is Vanilla (Which is what all of her purfumes smell like).

-Her team-mates are Sailor Star Shocker (Counterpart to Jupiter), Sailor Star Blazer (Counterpart to Mars) and Sailor Star Freezer (Counterpart to Mercury).