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I advocate references. I advocate citations. I want to include them so the silly fan fights stop! I want citations! I want to see lists of books and templates for references! They would look like this.

Why I support templates to cite over wikilinks[edit]

1. It's easier to copy-paste rather than remember the wikilink for.

2. It looks classier to those outside Sailormoon so they can pick up the volumes and look them up via ISBN registeries.

3. Having the links all on one page makes it a copy-paste deal.

4. It allows for additional notes, such as specific quotes or notes. Such as citing the Sailormoon Official site and then saying something about the moon prism box for Sailor Moon listing X statistic.

5. Separates the page summaries from actually citing the act.

6. The specific points will be easier to verify, pages can be added, acts can be wikied, volumes can be references, etc.

Princess Lady Selenity/Serenity is the future name of Small Lady.[1]


  1. Takeuchi, Naoko. Materials Collection Kodansha: October 1999. ISBN 4-06-324521-7.

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