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I had really nice roast pork today

And that is that

Actually, that is a lie. It is not that, in fact there is this:

  • In the year 2000, as a 4 year old, I watched the olympics on TV minutes before boarding a plane to my new home which is where i currently live.
  • To this day, I still associate numbers with colours(e.g. 1 is a salmon number, while 2 is a black number) and fail to do maths due to my tendency to personify numbers thereby confusing myself with "the number family game"
  • I am approximately 187cm tall.
  • Auntie's Alphabet is my favourite Television Programme.
  • I am deathly frightened of wild fungi.
  • My mother taught me that the fourth suit in a playing card deck is "cauliflower" and not "clubs". I later learned that it is "clover" but apparently that's also wrong... Today, an 8 year old boy taught me that it is in fact "clubs"
  • I have Restless Leg Syndrome
  • If you leave power sockets on, I will hit you with thick books. Children may find sewing needles because of a poor job of hiding sewing kits on the adults' part because of a lack of Iron causing bad concentration and lethargy and then children may poke themselves with the needles and then decided to put them aside due to the pain of a needle piercing the skin, they may then mistake a power socket for a place to lay down needles thus electrocuting themselves. Also, the red bar indicating the switch is on is just terrible.

Leaves Of Oak This is my website, you can visit it if you want to but you don't have to if you don't want to or if you are too busy with things such as macarons and correcting Albanian Children's Philosophy.