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"The Moonlight is the message of love"


Alias: Corey Tsukino
Birthday: February 14
Gender: Male
Location: Australia
Eye colour: Hazel
Favourite colour: Blue & magenta
Favourite food: Pizza & chocolate (sometimes combined - dessert pizza=YUM)
Hobbies: Drawing, film production, collecting memorabilia

I love Sailor Moon a lot! It was my introduction to anime - and have been a big fan since it first aired in here. One of my main goals, is to help make this the most reliable online source of Sailor Moon information. I would say that I know more about the English adaptation than the Japanese, but this is because I was introduced to the dub first.

  • I have a fan website called Moonlight Soldiers: It's an ever growing information site, containing info on characters, episodes, movies, merchandise, songs, etc.
  • Currently fan-dubbing the Sailor Stars season It uses elements from the DiC version, but uses music from both the original version and from the English adaptation.