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The usagizaru (兎猿; rabbit-monkeys) were a group of mischievous creatures belonging to the Dead Moon Circus which appeared in the musical Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni.... They were brown and had monkey-like tails, but also had white rabbit ears.

They first appeared in the forest where the Sailor Senshi were out on a picnic and stole their lunches. When the theft was discovered, the Amazon Trio arrived and claimed responsibility for them. They also appeared in Miss Dream's dream when Zirconia and the Amazon Trio invaded it in search of Pegasus, and one of them attempted to use what appeared to be a magical attack on Chibiusa before being interrupted by Tuxedo Mask.


  • "Usagizaru" is a combination of the words "usagi" (兎; rabbit) and "saru" (猿; monkey).