Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy

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The battle finally ends when Sailor Moon frees Sailor Galaxia from Chaos's influence.


Episode Data
Usagi is reunited with Mamoru
Original Episode
Name (Kana): うさぎの愛! 月光銀河を照らす
Name (Romaji): Usagi no Ai! Gekkou Ginga wo Terasu
Name (Translated): Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy
Name (Dub): Usagi's Love: The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy
Episode Number: 200
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
Air Date: February 8, 1997
Previous Episode: The Light of Hope! Final Battle for the Galaxy
Next Episode: None

Sailor Galaxia watches the light emanating from Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon and angrily wonders if the Light of Hope is going to awaken. The waves of pink light abruptly change direction, and the light coalesces around Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon before exploding in a bright flash.

Usagi finds herself floating in mid-air, facing the silhouette of a winged woman with her hair in heart-shaped odango just like Chibi Chibi's. The woman says that she is the Light of Hope, and has been searching for someone who would take her in. She takes the form of a pink butterfly and flies over to hover above Usagi, revealing herself to be a brightly shining Star Seed. As Usagi reaches up toward its light, she turns into Princess Serenity. The Light of Hope then transforms into the Fuuin no Ken, and asks Princess Serenity to use her to defeat Galaxia, but Serenity is reluctant.

Sailor Galaxia attacks, saying she won't allow that to happen, and Serenity hurtles toward the ground. As she falls, the Light of Hope again orders her to use the sword to fight Galaxia. Serenity is still reluctant, but as Sailor Galaxia dives toward her, finally grabs the sword's hilt. As she does, a pair of wings unfold from her back and her fall is halted; Galaxia is unable to stop and strikes the ground below.

As Sailor Galaxia rises to her feet, her eyes glow red and her bracelets shatter. She declares that she cannot be defeated by that power, because this body belongs to the strongest Sailor Senshi in the galaxy. Her sailor fuku turns from gold to black, her hair from blonde to red, and a pair of black bat-like wings sprout from her back. With a furious cry, she takes to the air and attacks Princess Serenity.

Serenity refuses to fight, only using the Fuuin no Ken to defend herself from Galaxia's attack. She begs the other Senshi to stop, saying that there is no reason to fight, but Galaxia insists that she must end the Sailor Wars by obliterating the light of all the stars. The Light of Hope tells Serenity that Galaxia has been completely taken over by Chaos; in the past, she realized what was happening and released her Star Seed, which made it to Usagi in the form of Chibi Chibi. The Light of Hope says that it is too late to save Galaxia, and now Serenity must use the sword.

Despite the urging of the Light of Hope, Serenity refuses to fight back as Chaos continues to attack, and only dodges the blows. At one point, however, she accidentally stabs Chaos' wing; enraged, Chaos brings her sword down on the Fuuin no Ken and shatters it. Even as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon's body fades away before her, Princess Serenity continues to insist that there is no reason to fight, because all it does is hurt people. Chaos taunts Serenity, saying that she does not have the courage or pride of a Senshi, but Serenity says that if the pride of a Senshi means hurting people she doesn't want it. She again repeats that there is nothing to be gained by fighting.

Chaos asks her if she has given up, but Serenity replies that she will not give up, because she loves this world. Her dress dissolves into pink ribbons, then disappears completely, leaving her wearing nothing but the wings on her back. Chaos says that the world cannot be protected by someone who will not even fight, and hurls a wave of black energy at Serenity, saying that because of her, her friends are gone. Serenity insists that they are not gone until she gives up, and therefore, she will not give up.

Serenity opens her hands where they were clasped at her chest, revealing the Silver Crystal affixed there. The light of the Crystal flares, and the determined Serenity flies toward Chaos. Chaos uses her sword to send a blast of energy at Serenity which holds her back, and says that she does not have a powerful enough shine to light up the galaxy. Unwavering, Serenity declares that she will light it up, and will save the world. As Serenity is caught in Chaos' dark power, Chaos taunts her for giving up her pride by refusing to fight, and says that she now just needs to give up her Star Seed. Despite her pain, Serenity insists that she will not give up, because she believes in this world and in the small hope left in Galaxia's heart. The Silver Crystal flares with an even brighter light, dispelling Chaos' power.

A woman with long gold and red hair stands in a field of flowers, and the light from the Crystal shines upon her. She hears Serenity's voice and turns, revealing herself to be the true Sailor Galaxia. Serenity reaches out her hand; in the field, Galaxia does the same, and the flowers open to release a multitude of Star Seeds. The Star Seeds appear in the air surrounding Serenity and Chaos, and Chaos is stunned. Serenity says that she loves this world and doesn't want to lose it, or anyone in it, and flies toward Chaos again. Chaos angrily brings down her sword to attack again, but the blade shatters. Galaxia declares that she loves this world, as well, and holds her hand outstretched to meet Serenity's. As Serenity's hand grasps Galaxia's, she takes hold of Chaos' hand in the real world and Chaos is forced out of Galaxia's body.

Now freed, Galaxia thanks Serenity, saying that her shine lit up the entire galaxy. Serenity tells her that Chaos went back to where it belongs, inside everyone's mind. Galaxia is worried about that, but Serenity says to believe in everyone, because the Light of Hope is also in their minds as well. Galaxia leaves to guide the Star Seeds back to where they belong, in an effort to at least partially repair all the harm she has done.

Now alone, Serenity begins to cry because she is alone, but then hears Sailor Mars' voice; the Solar System Senshi appear around her, and Serenity is overjoyed. Endymion appears with Chibi Chibi, saying that she guided him back. Crying, Serenity flies over to embrace him. Chibi Chibi thanks her and departs.

The Sailor Starlights watch from the ground, awed. Another Star Seed appears by them, and to their joy, their princess rejoins them.

Later, the Inner Senshi and Mamoru stand on the roof of the school, facing the Three Lights and the Princess. They say their farewells, and Seiya tells Usagi that he will not forget her. Usagi doesn't realize exactly what he means, and cheerfully replies that they will be friends forever. Seiya is disappointed, and the others giggle at Usagi's obliviousness. The Three Lights transform into the Sailor Starlights, and after everyone says their final farewells, they disappear into the sky.

Elsewhere, the Outer Senshi are looking at the sky when they see the shooting stars streak past. As Hotaru and Setsuna make wishes, Haruka observes that they are no longer shooting stars, but have returned home to be stars that shine brightly in the sky. When Hotaru asks what she wished for, Michiru says that she has nothing to wish for, because she's happy right now.

Mamoru and Usagi stand alone in a park, and Usagi asks Mamoru how much he likes her. He wonders at the sudden question, but tells her that when he is with her he feels full of life. Usagi and Mamoru then kiss against the backdrop of the full moon.

In a voiceover, Usagi says, "I'm Tsukino Usagi, sixteen years old and in the first year of high school. I'm a bit rash and a bit of a crybaby. But actually, I'm the fighter for love and justice, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon."

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The introduction of this episode was visually similar to the one in episode 151, in that it had a single character against a screen that was white at the center fading to color at the edges, with a storm of flower petals raining down around them. In episode 151 the background was predominantly blue and featured Ami, whereas in this episode the color was pink with Sailor Galaxia.
  • Usagi's voiceover at the end of the episode was almost identical to her introduction in the first episode.
  • The rest of the episodes were listed on Hulu with a TV-PG rating, but this episode was first listed as TV-MA before being changed to TV-14.
  • This episode was titled "Sailor Moon e il Trionfo delle Stelle" (Sailor Moon and the Triumph of Stars) in the Italian dub; the Albanian dub, which adapted the script from the Italian one, called it "Luftëtarja i Hënës dhe Fitorja e Yjeve" (Sailor Moon and the Victory of Stars). In the German dub, it was called "Alles wird gut" (Everything will be fine).
  • After Usagi's monologue at the end of the episode, in the Brazilian Portuguese dub all of the Sailor Senshi said "e essa história término!" (and this story is over!). At the same point in the Italian dub, the narrator said "Brava, Sailor Moon! Tu, che hai sognata da ascoltare il nostro cuore. E quando ci sentiremo triste, quando non avramo piu la forza di andar' avanti, ci bastera guardare la luna la su nel cielo per sappere che tu ci stai veghiando. Non cambiare mai, dolce Bunny!" (Well done, Sailor Moon! You, who dreamed of listening to our heart. And when we will feel sad, when we won't have the strength to go on anymore, it will be enough to look at the moon up the sky to know that you are watching over us. Never change, sweet Bunny!).
  • At the end of this episode, there was a special ending sequence set to the song "Moonlight Densetsu." At the very end of the sequence, Usagi's voice said, "Oshimai", and the other Sailor Senshi said, "dayo!" ("Oshimaidayo!" meaning "It's the end!"). Most dubs cut this scene, however, in the Catalan dub, Usagi said "I s'acabat!" (And it ended!), and the other Sailor Senshi repeated this phrase. In the French dub Usagi said "C'est fini!" (It's ended!), followed by the other Sailor Senshi saying "et oui!" (of course!). In the Viz English dub, Usagi said "the end," and the other Senshi said, "see ya!"
  • The song that was playing during the last battle against Galaxia was "Sailor Star Song". In the Hebrew, Catalan, Italian, German, and Cantonese dubs, it was replaced with a translated version. The first Korean dub replaced it with a translated version of "Moonlight Densetsu". In the Latin American Spanish dub, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Taiwanese dubs, and the second Korean dub, the song was replaced with an instrumental version. In the Albanian dub it was partially replaced with the Italian version of the song. In the Indonesian dub, the song was removed without a replacement.
  • Some dubs replaced "Moonlight Densetsu" at the end of the episode with other songs; for example, the Hebrew dub used an extended version of "Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto...," the European Spanish dub replaced it with the usual ending sequence for the fifth season, the Greek dub replaced it with the Greek theme song, the Italian dub replaced it with "Petali di Stelle per Sailor Moon," the German dub used the German version of "Moon Revenge," and the Portuguese dub replaced it with an instrumental version of "Luna Luna." In the first airing of the Catalan dub it was replaced with the first opening theme song, and when the episode was shown again in 2015, the original song played with Catalan subtitles.
  • Some of the dubs edited Serenity's nudity in this episode. In the first Korean dub, she was wearing a white dress, while in the second Korean dub, in wider shots her body was covered with a white glow. The Hebrew dub blurred out her body. The first airing of the Italian dub was heavily edited, either cutting out or zooming in on shots to avoid showing Serenity's body. The Indonesian dub removed all shots of Serenity, filling in the spaces with different scenes or slowed footage.
  • Serenity impaling Galaxia with her sword was also cut from the first Italian airing, and the scenes in which Usagi was seen nude around the rest of the Sailor Senshi at the end of the episode were heavily edited, either cutting out and zooming in on shots to avoid showing her body, or digitally adding over an image of the Silver Crystal on scenes which were considered important.
  • The first Korean dub cut Usagi and Mamoru's kiss, instead ending the episode with them looking at each other, and a music video set to the Korean theme song, featuring scenes from the last episodes and the special ending of the episode, replaced the unique ending sequence.
  • The Indonesian dub cut out the final shot of Usagi and Mamoru kissing.


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