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Unofficial Sailor Moon games are video games that were created by fans of the Sailor Moon series instead of official companies. They have been created for many different consoles with various kinds of software.

Sharp X68000

The Sharp X68000 is a computer released in Japan only by Sharp in 1987. It used an operating system called "Human68k," which was similar to DOS, and can be played on modern computers using an emulator. The following are games created for that system.

Title Maker
Bishoujo Senshi Lady Fighter Sprite Team
Bishoujo Senshi Moon Fighter Sprite Team
Super Bishoujo Senshi Moon Fighter Sprite Team
Super Bishoujo Senshi Moon Fighter X Sprite Team
Moon Quiz Sprite Team
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor V DK Software
Sailor Moon Shibaigoya Big Parfait
Sailor V Game Phank's
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Kessen Dark Kingdom Black HCS
Sailor Moon Battler Kou To Ju Ace Software
Moon Lights 2 Morimoto Uchuuichi
Moon Soldier Morimoto Uchuuichi
Moon Soldier 2 Morimoto Uchuuichi
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Tiara Question  
Code Name Sailor Q Dark Kingdom Secret Laboratory


OHRRPGCE is an open-source game development engine used to create RPGs. The following are games created using the OHRRPGCE.

Title Maker
Sailor Moon RPG Ampharos
Sailor Moon S: Alternate Reality Miharu
Sailor Moon RPG: The Alternate Beginning Tyler
Sailor Moon RPG: A New Dimension Devin De Leon
Sailor Moon: The Additional Series of S Cyfei
Sailor Moon RPG: Return of Evil Yoshi
Sailor Moon Adventure Eternal Mask

Models, Wads, Expansions

These games are Sailor Moon-related additions or expansions for already-existing games.

Title Maker
Sailor Moon Doom SOS DOOM Team
Tempest7 & Warrior Parn
Skyhawk & Candyman
Sailor Moon Quake  
Sailor Moon Unreal Tournament  
Sailor Moon M.U.G.E.N.  
Sailor Moon The Sims  
Sailor Moon KiSS Dolls  
5TAKU quizzes  
Sailor Moon SFXVI  
Sailor Moon Idinaloq Anton-P
Luna-P Attack  
Sailor Circus  

Hentai Games

Hentai games are fan-made Sailor Moon games containing erotic elements.

Title Maker
SM model for Artificial Girl 2 Illusion
Polygon Love 2 Sailor Moon models  
Schoolmate Sailor Moon Models  
Sexy Beach 3 Sailor Moon models  
Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 18-kin Sphinx
Solitaire modifications  
Sailor Moon Strip Poker Venzislav Iliev
Moon Fireworks Anton-P
"Senshi" game  
Axis Papillon
Sailor Moon HRPG  
Get Wet  

Abandoned Games

The following are games which were released in partially completed form and later abandoned by their developers.

Title Maker
Dragonworld - Sailor Moon World Tim Yep
Sailor Moon RPG - Dimensional Justice Gau of the Veldt
The Sailormoon and Sailorstars RPG Stephen Symond
Sailor Moon RPG: Good and Evil Yana
Sailor Moon Encaptured Dreams Sayurigirl & Ken
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG Chains of Fate

Other Games

Title Maker
Destiny Revival series (Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) Kungpow
Mahjong Triple Wars Bangai-hen: Sailor Wars Nihon Bussan
Mahjong Triple Wars Bangai-hen: Sailor Wars R Nihon Bussan
Sailor Moon Quiz TELE-Pathetic Industries
Sailor Moon Swat TELE-Pathetic Industries
Sailor Moon Encyclopedia Paul VM
Sailor Moon Infodex Webmaster007
Dark Moon Crisis  
Sailor Moon Strike Cameron Leroy
Sailor Moon S 3D Andreani Xavier
Sailor Moon Puzzle Game Vance Velez
Monster Land ALakazam
Sailor Moon Super Stars - Past Arrow & Corrie
Usa-chan wa Onee-san desu Arrow & Corrie
Sailor Moon - Sailor War Grant Wilde
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon RPG, "The Second Story" Evergea
Sailor Moon 82  
Sailor Moon Solitaire KatC
Sailor Moon S: Space Force RPG  
Sailor Moon Brick Game Lun@
Sailor V Game Anton-P & Rammar
Dark Moon Pong Jason Nguyen
Sailor Moon Dating Simulator Anton-P
Sailor Moon RPG: The Moon Child Tyler
Sailor Chibimoon's Great Adventure Emmy K
Windswept Destiny  

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