Silver Moon Crystal Power

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This article is about Sailor Moon's power. For the manga and Crystal transformation, see Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up.

Sailor Senshi Attacks
Silver Moon Crystal Power in the anime
Attack Name: Silver Moon Crystal Power
Attack Name (kanji/kana): シルバー・ムーン・クリスタル・パワー
English Name: Silver Moon Crystal Power, Silver Moon Crystal's Power, Silver Moon's Crystal Power
Performed by: Neo-Queen Serenity (manga, Crystal), Eternal Sailor Moon
Item Required: Moon Power Tiare (anime), Eternal Tiare (manga, Crystal)
First Used (anime): The Light of Hope! Final Battle for the Galaxy
First Used (manga): Act 49 Yume 11 Earth and Moon Dream

Silver Moon Crystal Power was a power used by Eternal Sailor Moon in the anime, manga, and Sailor Moon Crystal, and by Neo-Queen Serenity in the manga and Crystal, though it had a different purpose in the anime than in the other continuities.

This power was used only once in the anime, in an unsuccessful attempt to heal Sailor Galaxia and turn her back into a good Sailor Senshi in episode 199. When Sailor Moon used this power, the Moon Power Tiare extended to become a staff, then released an intense golden light as she called out its name. The power seemed to affect Sailor Galaxia at first, but she eventually recovered and cut the Moon Power Tiare in half.

In Act 49 of the manga and in Sailor Moon Eternal, Sailor Moon called upon Silver Moon Crystal Power as the Solar System Sailor Princesses focused their powers on the Eternal Tiare during the battle against Queen Nehellenia. After the battle was over, Neo-Queen Serenity used the Eternal Tiare and Silver Moon Crystal Power to free the Amazoness Quartet from Queen Nehellenia's curse and transform them back into the Sailor Quartet, at the request of Sailor Saturn. Although Sailor Saturn referred to it as her "Silver Moon Crystal Power", Neo-Queen Serenity did not announce the name as she used it. In the English audio for Sailor Moon Eternal, Sailor Saturn referred to it as the "Silver Moon Crystal's Power," and as the "Silver Moon's Crystal Power" in the subtitles.