Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo

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Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo

Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo (セーラームーンにおしおきよ; meaning "punishment by Sailor Moon") was a series of omake shorts that were included on several of the DVDs for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series. Each of these clips included Miyuu Sawai and one of the other Senshi actresses watching clips from the episodes on that DVD and commenting on them, their fellow actors, and the production staff. They also often included deleted scenes or extended clips of scenes that were included in the episodes.

"Oshiokiyo" Segments[edit]

The following DVD volumes included "Oshiokiyo" segments:

After these eight segments, there was a four-part "special discussion" version of the segment which included actresses Miyuu Sawai (Usagi), Rika Izumi (Ami), Keiko Kitagawa (Rei), Mew Azama (Makoto), and Ayaka Komatsu (Minako), along with director Nobuhiro Suzumura.