Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach

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Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach refers to the influence of Sailor Moon on the magical girl series Wedding Peach, which resembled the former in many ways.


  • The "Love Angels" have powers similar to the Inner Senshi, and they were discovered in similar ways.
  • They fight "Devils" which look and behave very much like Youma.
  • The "Fighting Angel" outfits were inspired by the Senshi's sailor fuku. (Kazuko Tadano, the character designer of the earlier seasons of the Sailor Moon anime, was also the character designer for Wedding Peach.)
  • Sukehiro Tomita, one of the writers for the Sailor Moon anime, was the creator of and writer for Wedding Peach, which led to some similarities in the "monster of the day" episode structure.


"Rei" and "Ami" in
Wedding Peach
  • In episode five of the series, two girls who closely resembled Rei and Ami were visible in front of a crowd.