Sailor Moon R Nakayoshi Anime Album

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Book Information
Title: Sailor Moon R Nakayoshi Anime Album
Author: Kodansha
Type: Anime guide book
Language: Japanese
Publisher: Kodansha
ISBN: 4-06-324559-4
Year of Publication: 1995
Pages: 168

Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Anime Album 2 was the third of the Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Anime Album series, dealing with the second season of the Sailor Moon anime.


  • Screenshots from the first and second opening sequences.
  • A guide to episodes 47-88, featuring screenshots.
  • A section dedicated to Ail and An.
  • Screenshots from the eyecatch and the ending sequence.
  • Introduction to Chibiusa, including a description of the Luna P Henge transformations.
  • A section dedicated to the Black Moon Clan, including the Spectre Sisters.
  • A glossary of terms and names from the series.
  • Designs for Ail, An, Chibiusa, and the Black Moon Clan.
  • Designs from each episode, plus transcripts of the opening and closing trailers and statistics for the Cardians and Droids.
  • A section titled "Chibiusa no Soboku na Gimon" (ちびうさのソボクな疑問; Chibiusa's Naive Questions).
  • Art submitted by fans.
  • A full list of credits for episodes 47-89.