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Sailor Galaxia and two
Sailor Crystals

Sailor Crystals (セーラークリスタル) were, in the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, Star Seeds that belonged to the Sailor Senshi. (In the anime, they were just called "true Star Seeds.") According to Kou Yaten's explanation in Act 54 of the manga and Sailor Moon Cosmos, all planets and people grew from Star Seeds born in the Galaxy Cauldron. Special Star Seeds grew into Sailor Crystals, and were sent to planets to grow and develop with that planet, and eventually become its guardian Senshi.

The term "Sailor Crystal" was also used to refer to the transformation items that the Senshi used to transform into their "Super" forms in the Dream arc of the manga and in Sailor Moon Eternal; the heart-shaped transformation crystals might have been the actual Sailor Crystals belonging to the Sailor Senshi.

In the musicals, both of the terms "true Star Seeds" and "Sailor Crystal" were used. The terms "Sailor Crystal Seed" and "Crystal Seed" were also introduced in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and its revision. In Eien Densetsu, Sailor Mitis Kerokko stated that one could not take a Sailor Senshi's Star Seed if she was not transformed.

Known Sailor Crystals[edit]



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