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Sera Myu Character Information
Name: Sailor Buttress
Name (kanji/kana): セーラーバトレス
Alignment: Shadow Galactica
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Occupation: Sailor Galaxia's right-hand woman
Family: Unknown
Associates: Sailor Galaxia
First Appearance: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Actors: Shiori Seki

Sailor Buttress was a Sera Myu-only character, and was an additional member of Shadow Galactica. She appeared in the musical Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and its revision. She acted as Sailor Galaxia's right-hand woman, conveying her commands to the other Sailor Senshi under Galaxia's control. Besides Galaxia, she was the only member of Shadow Galactica not to take a civilian identity while on Earth.

Sailor Buttress dressed in a black version of Galaxia's armor-like fuku, and bore a strong resemblance to Chaos Galaxia from the anime. She also carried a black fan.

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