Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 4

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DVD Information
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 4
Season: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
DVD Region: 2
Catalog Number: BCBS-1815
Release Date: June 26, 2004
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD chronology
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 4 was the fourth volume of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon television series, and was available in both DVD and VHS format. The DVD version also included the fourth "Oshiokiyo" omake as an extra, this one featuring Miyuu Sawai and Keiko Kitagawa.



Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo[edit]

  • While talking about the Shitennou, Miyuu observed that Kunzite had been in almost every episode since his first appearance, but Nephrite had been absent lately. She and Keiko mentioned that they called Nephrite "Nephy," Zoisite "Zoi-Zoi," and Kunzite "Kun-Kun," but Jadeite was just "Masuo-san." Miyuu said that all the Shitennou looked good in their wigs except for Jadeite, and Keiko chided her for mentioning it because he was self-conscious about it. They decided that Nephrite's wig was perfect for him, but Kunzite looked the best of the four. Miyuu said that now that the male cast was complete there should be a fight soon, and Keiko said that she wished the fights were the main focus of the show because she liked action better than romance.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 13 in which Mamoru told Usagi she should not help Shin regain his memories because he did not want to remember, but Usagi refused to listen, saying she could not just leave him alone and wanted to help.
  • Miyuu mentioned that she thought Act 14 was a tear-jerker, but Keiko disagreed. Miyuu said that there was a scene that foreshadowed a future sad scene and that made her cry, but when Keiko asked her why she could not explain it.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 14 where Ami told herself that she had to protect Usagi and not let her turn into a Youma, then one where Makoto was searching for the Youma as Rei meditated before a fire.
  • Miyuu said that everyone could tell Ami was in love with Usagi, especially in Act 14. She added that Rei was not in volume 4 very much, and apologized to Keiko as she made a sad face. Miyuu asked Keiko if she wanted to make a sarcastic comment, but Keiko said that she was too sad. Miyuu said that she spent most of Act 14 asleep, and Keiko replied that she had worked too hard. They showed a behind-the-scenes clip of Miyuu "sleeping" while Chisaki Hama teased her, and Miyuu laughed and said it made her tired to remember that. She mentioned that the cameraman had a big grin on his face then.
  • They showed another unused scene from Act 14 where Ikuko served leftover osechi to Shingo and Usagi, then paused to fuss over her daughter, saying that she looked ill. Usagi refused to stay home, though, because she had a New Year's party to go to, and Shingo muttered that Usagi was not capable of getting sick.
  • Miyuu said that she had been asked to draw little pictures at the beginning of the series that were later used in the opening summaries of the episodes. She said she was just doodling, but her little doodles were cleaned up by the staff and turned into something nicer.
  • Keiko said that she had thought Ayaka Komatsu was a really quiet girl at first, and Miyuu pointed out that they did not really meet her for a few episodes anyway, because they were in different scenes and hers were mostly filmed at night. As they started talking, though, Keiko said that Ayaka finally became as crazy as the rest of them, and they were now close. Miyuu laughed and said that Mew recently told her that she missed her.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 15 in which Queen Beryl told Nephrite that if he wanted to get back at Kunzite and make up for his past failures he needed to find the Silver Crystal immediately.
  • Keiko said that Rei was a very different person than she was, but that she tried very hard every day to portray her. Miyuu laughed and pointed out that if she said it too much it would sound like she was lying. Miyuu said that Rei was someone Usagi really respected, and that respect would grow. Keiko pointed out that they should mention their real-life relationship as well, and when Miyuu teased her for saying such serious things, Keiko replied that there were certain things she could say only because they were close friends.
  • Miyuu said that starting in Act 17 Minako and Rei would become closer, so she turned the preview over to Keiko. Keiko said to look forward to a pretty Minako, and mentioned that even though Rei was a miko she went to a Christian church.