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Phage (ファージ) were the monstrous forms assumed by people whose Star Seed had been exposed and allowed to turn black. The Sailor Animamates used them for defensive purposes. The Phage's character, weapon, and appearance were based on the profession or dreams that the civilian victim had. When most of the Phage were cured, they would cry out, "beautiful." (The only exception to this was Sailor Sommelier, who instead said "gochisousama deshita" (ご馳走様でした), a phrase said after finishing a meal, loosely meaning "thank you for the treat.")

If a Phage were to be killed, the human they once were would die as well. Because Sailor Moon was so determined not to let innocent people die, she discovered that she had the power to turn them back to normal. She is, however, the only one known to have that ability; a comment made by Sailor Star Fighter in episode 173 implies that Princess Kakyuu could heal Phage as well, but it is never stated outright.

List of Phage[edit]

Phage Used by Sailor Iron Mouse[edit]

Phage Used by Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow[edit]

Phage Used by Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko[edit]


  • The word "phage" is derived from the Greek word phagein meaning "to eat." In English, it is often used in words referring to bacteria and cells that "eat" other organisms.
  • In the German dub, the Phage did not say anything when they were cured, instead just giving a wordless scream. In the Latin American Spanish dub, the Phage were called "Zombi" (Zombie), and they cried out "hermoso" (beautiful) when cured. In the Spanish dub, the Phage were called "Marionetas" (Puppets), and they cried out "desaparezco" (I disappear) when cured.