Pet Chapter 2, Wan-Wan's Schemes!

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Chapter Data
Artemis with Luna-chan
Name (kanji/kana): ペット編その2.王々の陰謀
Name (romaji): Petto Hen Sono 2. Wan Wan no Inbou
Name (translated): Pet Chapter 2, Wan-Wan's Schemes!
Volume Number: 3
Chapter Number: 12
Previous Chapter: Pet Chapter 1, Nyan-Nyan's Schemes!
Next Chapter: Pet Chapter 3, Chuu-Chuu's Schemes!

Pet Chapter 2, Wan-Wan's Schemes! was the twelfth act of the Codename: Sailor V manga.


Sailor V faces a new adversary by the name of Wan-Wan who wishes to avenge his fallen sister Nyan-Nyan. He temporarily transforms himself into a small black dog. Artemis develops a crush on the dog, not realizing it's a male adversary.


  • The fictional "Aurora ♥ Wedding" manga created by Marie Buraidaru made several allusions to some aspects of the Sailor Moon series:
    • The main love interest was named "Coattail Mask."
    • The series featured ten girls who became warriors and fought evil at night.
    • An image of the characters in the manga showed shadowy figures who looked identical to the actual Sailor Senshi in a picture from the third artbook.
    • The main character wore a school uniform and heart-shaped brooch, and was once shown holding an item similar to the Crystal Carillon.

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