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Character Information
Name: Narkissos
Name (kanji/kana): ナルキッソス
Alignment: Dark Agency
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Lives: Unknown
Occupation: Shiba Koen Junior High School student, agent of the Dark Agency
Family: Unknown
Associates: None
Aliases: Higashi-senpai
First Anime Appearance: N/A
First Manga Appearance: The Birth of Sailor V!
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Narcissus
Actors: N/A

Narkissos was the first enemy Sailor V ever faced, and he only appeared in the Codename: Sailor V manga.

Narkissos had infiltrated Minako's school under the guise of a handsome student called Higashi. Minako had developed a crush on Higashi (whom she called Higashi-senpai, as he was her senior) and wanted to give him a love letter, however it appeared that he already had his heart set on another student called Haneda. In truth he was attempting to seduce her so he could steal her energy.

When Minako discovered this, she transformed into Sailor V for the first time and used her compact to reveal his true form, that of a hideous being, in its mirror. She then destroyed him with her Crescent Beam attack.


  • Narkissos is named after the Greek mythological figure of the same name. He is better known by his Roman name Narcissus today.
  • Narkissos was the one who suggested that Minako should wear a red ribbon in her hair, saying it would make her look mature. Even though Minako ended up destroying him, she took this advice to heart and wore a ribbon ever since.