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Nao Takagi

Nao Takagi (高木ナオ), born July 10, 1976, in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, was the second actress to play Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus in the Sailor Moon musicals. Her first performance was in 1998, for the show Shin Densetsu Kourin, and her last show was Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth in 2002.

After graduating, she returned as a guest during the 2002 Autumn Fan Kansha, promoting Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth (Kaiteiban). She performed two musical numbers and, together with Yuuka Asami, passed on the Space Sword and the Deep Aqua Mirror to their successors, in a similar ceremony to the passing of the tiara done by Sailor Moon actresses.

Nao was the longest running Uranus, and the eighth longest running Myu performer with 321 stages. She was also the oldest Uranus, graduating at the age of 26.

In an interview with Hyper Hobby magazine, Nao said that when she played Haruka, she tried to be masculine, but when she played Uranus, she tried to be more feminine. In the same interview, she also stated that she was indecisive and feminine compared to Yuuka Asami, and that she would not want to play Haruka if Yuuka was not Michiru.

In 2018 she and Yuuka took part in the ANZA ∞ Akiko Kosaka ~Legend Forever~ concert, in which Anza Ohyama and Akiko Kosaka performed both their own songs and many Sera Myu numbers, joined by several actors from the Bandai musicals. They also participated in a similar event in 2023, ANZA ∞ Akiko Kosaka - The Day The Future Becomes the Past -.

Personal Trivia

  • Nao is 5'7" tall and her blood type is AB.
  • Nao's favorite jewel is ruby and her favorite colors are blue and orange.
  • Nao has a Health & Physical Education License.
  • Nao is married and has a young son named Masa, and often posts pictures of him on her online diary.
  • She has kept in close contact with former co-star Yuuka Asami, and the two have hosted joint fan events together.


Nao performed as Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus in the following musicals:


  • During the 2000 Fan Kansha for the Transylvania no Mori kaiteiban, Nao was paired with Hikari Ono to sing "You're My Jewelry." When Hikari came out, she was dressed like Michiru, but Nao told her that she was a female villain and to stop fooling around. When Hikari remarked that she still looked like a female, Nao said that Hikari looked like a transvestite. After they finished the song, Nao kissed Hikari's hand, but Hikari threw the kiss away.
  • Nao often referred to Marina Kuroki as "Hime" (姫) or "Princess" (both meaning the same thing).
  • During the Fan Kansha for Mugen Gakuen, in response to a question asked of her, Yuuka Asami said that she was not afraid of a battle as long as Sailor Uranus was there with her. Nao replied that she (Nao) was afraid of "Kappa," which was Yuuka's nickname at that time.
  • During the Fan Kansha for the Ankoku no Princess Black Lady kaiteiban, Nao was paired with Nagisa Adaniya to sing "Gondola no Koibito-tachi." Nao could be heard apologizing to Yuuka, and while Nao was singing with Nagisa, Yuuka popped out from a trapdoor and pouted.
  • Nao played the role of Ninja Orange in one of the three Ninja Yell musicals directed by fellow myu actress Ono Hikari, and was also one of the choreographers in that same musical.

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