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Moonie Code (Mooniecode) is a classification system for Sailor Moon fans originally invented in 1997 by Tolaris.

Compiled Moonie Code is a single line of ASCII characters where each character (or a group of characters) represents a piece of encoded information about one's feelings towards Sailor Moon, one's opinions concerning different aspects of Sailor Moon, and personal information. The length of a Moonie Code varies according to sections included. In order to be understood, a compiled Moonie Code must be interpreted, either manually or using a program.

The customary use of Moonie Codes is sharing them between Sailor Moon fans via forums, emails, etc.

Following the original version of Moonie Code (1.12.05), several other versions appeared, including "Senshi Codes," each of which dealt with a particular Sailor Senshi.

Although they were wide spread for several years, Moonie Codes have significantly lost popularity over time.

Moonie Code Examples[edit]

  • MoonieCode (1.12.05) SM:5+ F:vM9+[+]Sf+:pSCl D:sNe-Ta-:vEs X:**[*]:a197s|1d:m17s O:?d+:s[+]:o:a[+]:h+[+]:x P:a24:s6:w:f[+]:eGrBGz:hBrD:t[-]:cWh:bB+:*Li:yH?:r+|-
  • MoonieCode (1.14.15a) SM:6+ F:sVe>+++½Mo>+++Me>++½Ma++Ju>+½Yf+:vCcAl>½:aUn½Tc:pSt2S D:sCh---Tx>---Pl>-½ X:a200ger++½:m42ge+ O:d-½:c-:s-:o+:a-:h++½:x-½ P:a++:s180:w60:f:eB:hBr:t-½:cW:b?:zCn--:gm+:r|

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