Minako in "Game Center Crown"

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Chapter Data
Minako, transformed into an armored heroine
Name (kanji/kana): 美奈子in「ゲームセンタークラウン」
Name (romaji): Minako in "Geemu Sentaa Kuraun"
Name (translated): Minako in "Game Center Crown"
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 2
Previous Chapter: The Birth of Sailor V!
Next Chapter: Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition

Minako in "Game Center Crown" was the second act of the Codename: Sailor V manga.


Minako tells Artemis that she hasn't decided if she wants to be a hero of justice, and when Artemis asks her why, she complains that her Sailor V costume is not cool. She then runs off to Game Center Crown. Artemis follows her, and comments that she acts like a boy; Minako replies that he is a transsexual cat, because Artemis was the name of the Greek goddess of hunting. He is impressed by her knowledge at first, but when Minako says she learned it from a video game, Artemis yells at her, saying that she spends too much time on games.

However, Minako is determined to get the best score on a game called "Lovely Fight" (commenting that the main character has a cool costume), and is frustrated when she sees that a player named "Taku" always beats her scores. She continues coming to the Game Center daily in order to try and best him, to no avail. A mysterious man observes her, commenting that she's out of place in the game center. Meanwhile, Artemis ponders that games might help her train as a soldier of justice. He brings a Sailor V game to the Game Center, where Motoki puts it up.

When Minako comes to Game Center Crown again, she is surprised to find a Sailor V game. She tries to play it, but, frustrated at her many losses, she gives up and decides to give "Lovely Fight" another try. She finally manages to beat "Taku", and cheers loudly. However, the mysterious man who had been observing her earlier overhears, and it turns out that he was acutally "Taku" himself, Takurou Ootaku. Takurou, believing she is really a guy, begins to chase her, telling her to remove her clothes and reveal who she really is.

Artemis considers the possibility that Takurou might be an enemy, but Boss says he seems to be just an ordinary gamer freak. He tells Minako that she can use her compact to transform into anything she wants. Minako decides to transform into a cool video game heroine identical to the one from "Lovely Fight". However, this seems to have an effect opposite to the one she desired, as Takurou instantly grabs her, saying that she looks like every video game fan's dream. Minako complains that the armored suit is too heavy, and transforms into Sailor V instead, saying that it's easier to move in that costume.

When Takurou attempts to peek under Sailor V's skirt, she uses Sailor V Kick to knock him out. Suddenly remembering that he wasn't a real enemy, she quickly runs away. Artemis wonders if she really is suited to being a heroine of justice.