Mars Flame Sniper

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Mars Flame Sniper in the anime
Attack Name: Mars Flame Sniper
Attack Name (kanji/kana): マーズ・フレイム・スナイパー
English Name: Mars Flame Shooter, Mars Power Mars Flame Shooter (dub); Mars Flame Sniper (SuperS movie, manga, Viz dub)
Performed by: Sailor Mars
Item Required: None (anime), Mars Arrow (manga, Crystal)
First Used (anime): Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack
First Used (manga): Act 41 Yume 3 Mars Dream
First Used (musical): Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni...

Mars Flame Sniper was an attack used by Sailor Mars in most versions of the Sailor Moon series.

This attack was first used in episode 152 of the anime, against ManeMane Musume. To perform this attack, she summoned a fiery bow and arrow, then shot the arrow toward her target.

This attack first appeared in Act 41 of the manga and in Sailor Moon Eternal, where she used it to destroy Tiger's Eye. The attack was performed with the Mars Arrow.

In the musicals, this attack was performed without any item at all, similar to the anime, except when it first appeared in Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni..., where it was performed with the Mars Arrow.

Mars Flame Sniper appeared in several video games, such as Sailor Moon SuperS: Fuwa Fuwa Panic, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2, and Sailor Moon SuperS: Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen.


  • Miko are well-known for their archery skills, so this attack could be related to Rei's status as one.