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Kinmoku in the anime

The planet Kinmoku (キンモク) was the homeworld of Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker, and Princess Kakyuu/Sailor Kakyuu in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

Not much was known about the planet, aside from the fact that it was situated somewhere in the galaxy, and that it was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia. At the time of the destruction, the injured Kakyuu fled, eventually landing on Earth, and in the care of Chibi Chibi. To find her, the Starlights disguised themselves as men.

Very little information was given about Kinmoku prior to its destruction by Galaxia in the anime, manga, or Crystal. In the manga and Crystal, Kakyuu was said to have been the princess of the Tankei (丹桂; orange osmanthus) Kingdom on Kinmoku, but it was unknown if this was a worldwide kingdom (similar to Elysion or the Silver Millennium) or one kingdom out of several. The anime, on the other hand, seemed to imply that Kakyuu was the princess of the entire planet. The anime also showed Kinmoku flanked by three tiny satellites, possibly the Starlights' home planets, or moons of Kinmoku that they represented.

The phrase "Kinmokusei" (キンモク星; Kinmoku star) is an elaborate pun on the plant that is known as "金木犀 kinmokusei," which refers to Osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus, a fragrant shrub in the olive family that is native to Asia. The plant is known in English by several names: golden osmanthus, sweet osmanthus, tea olive, or sweet olive. Golden osmanthus is known in Chinese as "dānguì" (丹桂; orange osmanthus); these kanji are pronounced "tankei" (たんけい) in Japanese and make up the name of her dynasty. Naoko Takeuchi might have chosen this because there is a variation of the Rabbit on the Moon myth which involves an osmanthus tree.

The fragrant flowers are edible and are used in jams, tea infusions, wine infusions, and perfumes. Princess Kakyuu's costume mimics the small orange-yellow flowers of the plant, and the Sailor Starlights searched for her by her distinctive fragrance.


  • In the anime, the Sailor Starlights never called Kinmoku by its name, only referring to it as "our home planet" or "our world."
  • In the German dub of the anime, the planet was named "Euphe."

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