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Character Information
Name: Kenji Tsukino
Name (kanji/kana): 月野謙之
Alignment: Civilian
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lives: Tsukino residence, Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Occupation: Magazine editor
Family: Ikuko Tsukino (wife), Usagi Tsukino (daughter), Shingo Tsukino (son), Chibiusa (future granddaughter), Kousagi Tsukino (future granddaughter; "Parallel Sailor Moon" only), Mamoru Chiba (future son-in-law)
Associates: His family
Aliases: Kenji-papa
First Anime Appearance: Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Youma Mansion
First Manga Appearance: Act 1 Usagi SAILORMOON
First PGSM Appearance: Special Act - We're Getting Married!
English Name: Serena's dad, Kenji Papa (manga)
Actors: Yuuji Machi (anime), Mitsuaki Madono (Crystal), Ryuuta Tasaki (PGSM), David Huband (dub), Keith Silverstein (Viz dub)

Kenji Tsukino was Usagi Tsukino's father in present-day Tokyo. He was not aware of his daughter's Senshi activities, nor did he know that his "niece", who appeared in the Sailor Moon R season, was in fact his granddaughter.

Kenji was portrayed in a very typical fatherly manner: he worked as a magazine editor and could not cook, but tried to help out by occasionally doing grocery shopping for his wife. He was very kind and a little over-protective; for example, when he found out Usagi had begun dating in Sailor Moon R/the Black Moon Clan arc, he feared that his daughter had become a delinquent. Usagi considered her perfect man to have the same attitude and character as her dad.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

Save for some mention by other characters, Kenji was almost completely absent throughout the live-action series. He only appeared in the Special Act to attend Usagi's wedding.