Grandpa Goes Crazy! Rei's in Jeopardy

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Episode Data
Rei loses patience with Usagi's lack of sympathy
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): お爺ちゃん乱心、レイちゃんの危機
Name (Romaji): Ojiichan Ranshin, Rei-chan no Kiki
Name (Translated): Grandpa Goes Crazy! Rei's in Jeopardy
Name (Viz Dub): Grandpa Loses Control: Rei in Danger
Episode Number: 30
Director: Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Akira Nakamura
Air Date: October 31, 1992
Previous Episode: Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship
Next Episode: Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever
First English Dub Episode
Name: Grandpa's Follies
Number: 26
Company: DiC
Air Date: October 16, 1995
Previous Episode: Too Many Girlfriends
Next Episode: Kitty Chaos

After fighting off an attack by Zoisite, Rei's Grandfather takes on an apprentice and begins acting strangely.


Rei's Grandfather is sitting on the shrine roof, looking at the stars, when Zoisite appears before him. Zoisite tells him that he is one of the Seven Great Youma, and tries to remove his Rainbow Crystal. Rei's grandfather fights back and manages to repel Zoisite's magic. Zoisite knocks him from the roof, but is attacked by Deimos and Phobos and disappears. Rei emerges from the building to help her grandfather, and they discover a man who was sleeping on the steps. Instantly smitten with Rei, he introduces himself as Yuuichirou Kumada and asks Rei's grandfather to make him an apprentice. Meanwhile, Zoisite observes the old man from the Dark Kingdom, aware that the Rainbow Crystal is awakening within him.

The next day, Rei tells Usagi, Ami, and Makoto that she is worried by her grandfather's behaviour. He has become hyperactive and emotionally unstable, putting Yuuichirou through a bizarre series of trials as part of a supposed training regime. Usagi is unconcerned, amused by his antics, and Rei becomes angry with her.

Later Yuuichirou reassures Rei that her grandfather's behavior is probably just an effect of the autumn weather. Rei is pleased that he seems to care. Nearby, Usagi watches them and decides to play matchmaker. Against Luna's advice, she disguises herself as a fortune teller and tells Rei and Yuuichirou that they are destined to fall in love. Rei sees through the disguise, and furiously tells Usagi she will never speak to her again.

At home, Luna tells Usagi that she should wait a while for Rei's anger to subside. But Usagi is determined to patch things up, and decides to take Rei some daifuku. Meanwhile, Rei takes a bath, still worried about her grandfather. He is meditating when Zoisite returns. They fight, and Zoisite succeeds in removing the Indigo Rainbow Crystal. However, Tuxedo Mask arrives and pursues Zoisite through the woods. Rei's grandfather transforms into the Youma Jiji, and chases after Yuuichirou, who happens to be nearby. While Tuxedo Mask loses track of Zoisite, Yuuichirou goes to find Rei, and walks in on her changing. They both flee the monster, but Yuuichirou is knocked out trying to protect Rei. Rei discovers from the holy fire that the Youma is really her grandfather. Unable to fight him, she is cornered by him and only saved when Usagi arrives, transforming into Sailor Moon. They both run from the Youma, and Luna suggests Rei should immobilize him with an ofuda. She performs Akuryo Taisan, and it succeeds in stopping him. Sailor Moon then performs Moon Healing Escalation, and Rei's Grandfather returns to normal.

While Ami and Makoto visit the shrine to see if they can patch up Usagi and Rei's friendship, Usagi and Rei have already made up. In recognition of his bravery, Rei kisses Yuuichirou on the cheek, but immediately regrets it, as Usagi is delighted at the romantic intrigue and Rei's grandfather forbids her to marry Yuuichirou, despite her insistence that she isn't interested.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Current Rainbow Crystal count: Zoisite (4), Tuxedo Mask (1), Sailor Moon (1).
  • In the English dub, a line of dialogue was added where Raye mentioned that the cape her grandfather wore was actually a tablecloth, the daifuku were referred to as chocolate cakes, and the scene where Jiji tried to strangle Rei was cut.


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