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Enemy Weapon
Galactica Bracelet
Item Name: Galactica Bracelets
Item Name (kanji/kana): ギャラクティカ・ブレスレット
English Name: N/A
Used by: Members of Shadow Galactica
Attack(s) Required For: Removing Star Seeds/Sailor Crystals
First Appearance (anime): A Goodbye and an Encounter! The Destiny of Flowing Stars
First Appearance (manga): Act 50 Stars 1
First Appearance (musical): Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

The Galactica Bracelets were worn by the members of Shadow Galactica and conferred power upon the wearers.


In the anime, the bracelets enabled one to exist without a Star Seed, and increased the wearer's power. They did, however, seem to put the wearer under Sailor Galaxia's control. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were the only ones shown to escape from that control.

Without the bracelets, the Sailor Animamates would disappear, as they no longer had Star Seeds. Therefore, when Galaxia was displeased with one of her minions, she only had to remove their bracelets to dispose of them.

The bracelets could also be used to remove someone's Star Seed. In order to do this, the wearer would fire balls of golden light from the gems on the bracelet, and when the lights converged and struck the target, their Star Seed would appear.

Galaxia herself wore a pair of such bracelets, and they appeared to function the same way as those of her underlings. For instance, they could be used to remove Star Seeds, and it was implied that they kept her alive without her Star Seed (which became the Light of Hope). However, when Galaxia transformed into her Chaos Galaxia form, the bracelets shattered but her body did not disappear.


In the manga, not all of the members of Shadow Galactica were originally Sailor Senshi; many were individuals who had taken the Sailor Crystal of their planet's Senshi and given the Crystals to Galaxia. In return, they were given golden bracelets which gave them powers comparable to that of a Senshi.

The bracelets also seemed to give Galaxia control over the real Senshi who wore them, as evidenced when the Solar System Senshi and Tuxedo Mask reappeared wearing them after Galaxia had taken their Sailor Crystals.

The Materials Collection states that Galaxia's power was contained within these bracelets, and that when they were removed from her, her "true power" appeared and she became Sailor Chaos.[1]


The Galactica Bracelets served the same function in Sailor Moon Cosmos as in the manga.



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