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A fansub is a fan production in which the fan takes the original Japanese-language video (or another foreign dub) and adds subtitles in their own language. In the past, fansubs were often distributed on VHS through the mail, but later could be found on the internet, most commonly via torrent download.

Fansubs were an extremely popular method of distributing the original Sailor Moon anime for quite some time, as the original Japanese version was not released in English-speaking countries until ADV's box set in 2003, and even that quickly became difficult to obtain. Once Viz Media released DVDs of the series and made it and Sailor Moon Crystal easily available on streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Hulu, fansubs became significantly less common, especially since many fans feel that they should not be distributed once a series is readily commercially available.

The live-action version and the musicals are, however, only accessible to many fans via groups who create fansubs of those productions.

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