Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle

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The final battle against Sailor Galaxia begins, and the Sailor Senshi go to Ginga TV to confront her.


Episode Data
Galaxia takes the Star Seeds from the Inner Senshi
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 銀河滅びる時! S戦士最後の戦い
Name (Romaji): Ginga Horobirutoki! Seeraa Senshi Saigo no Tatakai
Name (Translated): When the Galaxy Perishes! The Sailor Soldiers' Final Battle
Name (Dub): Countdown to Destruction: The Sailor Guardians' Last Battle
Episode Number: 196
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Genki Yoshimura
Animation Director: Minako Ito
Air Date: January 11, 1997
Previous Episode: Princess Kakyuu Burns Out! Galaxia on Earth
Next Episode: Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat

Black lightning crackles across Tokyo as Sailor Galaxia's power manifests itself. Her image appears on televisions throughout the city, and she declares that the galaxy belongs to her, and she is prepared to destroy the insignificant creatures on this planet. The Sailor Starlights say that it is the same thing that happened on their planet, and the world will soon be destroyed. Sailor Mercury uses her computer to discover that the enemy's headquarters is at Ginga TV, and the Sailor Starlights start to head that direction. The Sailor Senshi tell them not to make a suicidal frontal attack, but they reply that they have nothing to live for, now that their Princess is dead, and they need to avenge her. A bolt of black lightning suddenly lances down through the sky toward Eternal Sailor Moon, but is blocked by Silence Wall; Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto have arrived.

As the Sailor Starlights walk toward Ginga TV, Sailor Galaxia senses their approach; the door opens for them and they enter, but then the trap is sprung. They are brought to Galaxia's throne room, and she gloats that they will never escape.

The Senshi meet at the Hikawa Shrine and talk about what they can do now, against an enemy so vastly powerful. They realize that Galaxia is much stronger than anyone they have fought before, but Usagi is determined to not let the planet be destroyed. Haruka and Michiru slip off by themselves, and as they walk down the street, are met by Setsuna and Hotaru. The Outer Senshi decide as a group to fight against Galaxia.

The Inner Senshi realize that the others are missing, and Ami locates them near Ginga TV. They look out over the destruction in the city and decide that they must fight as well. They leave Chibi Chibi in the care of Luna and Artemis, and transform into their Senshi forms before heading off, swearing that they will not let the planet be destroyed.

When the Inner Senshi arrive at Ginga TV, they discover a deadly barrier around the station. As they try to find a way in, the television at the front of the building displays the scene in Galaxia's throne room: the Sailor Starlights confront her, but their attacks are only deflected back at them. Sailor Galaxia attacks them in turn, and Sailor Moon has to be forcibly restrained by her friends from running to them and getting caught in the barrier.

The Outer Senshi walk into a control room inside the station and see the same scene.

Sailor Moon is upset that they cannot find a way into the station, and are unable to help the Sailor Starlights. A bright pink light appears in front of them, with Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon at its center; as the light engulfs the Senshi, they find themselves transported into the throne room as well. They are surprised to find themselves there, and with the Sailor Starlights. Sailor Moon orders Sailor Galaxia to leave their planet, but Galaxia only laughs at them and fires a volley of blasts from her bracelets at the Sailor Starlights. The Inner Senshi, however, leap in front of them and are hit instead.

The Outer Senshi observe that the shine of the four planets is fading.

Galaxia takes the Star Seeds of Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus, and as they fade away, they ask the Sailor Starlights to protect Sailor Moon in their place. Sailor Moon tearfully begs them not to leave her, and Sailor Mars reassures her before she, in turn, disappears. Sailor Moon screams out her grief, then angrily demands that Sailor Galaxia give her friends back. Sailor Galaxia casually fires a blast at Sailor Moon that knocks her back, then shows her all of the Star Seeds that she has collected thus far. Amid the crowd of Star Seeds, Sailor Moon sees a golden one and realizes that it is Mamoru's. Sailor Galaxia confirms that it is the Star Seed that belongs to this planet. Tears well up in Sailor Moon's eyes as she realizes what that means.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This episode included the last appearance of a Sailor Senshi's transformation sequence in the anime.
  • During the scene in which the Outer Senshi were in the control room at Ginga TV, the gem in Sailor Saturn's tiara was purple instead of white.


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