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Sailor Senshi Item
The compact
Item Name: Compact
Item Name (kanji/kana): コンパクト
English Name: Compact
Used by: Sailor V, Sailor Venus
Used For: Attacks: Crescent Beam, Crescent Boomerang, Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower, Crescent Super Beam, Crescent Slender Beam

Disguise transformation: Crescent Moon Power, Transform

First Appearence (anime): N/A
First Appearence (manga): The Birth of Sailor V!

Minako Aino owned a compact mirror which she used to perform several of her attacks as Sailor V. It also served as a disguise device similar to Usagi's Disguise Pen.

The compact worked in much the same fashion as the manga version of Moon Twilight Flash, in that it reflected moonlight at the target. After use it had to be recharged by being placed in the moonlight.

In Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Venus had an attack item similar to the compact which was called the Crescent Boomerang.


  • In association with the first English dub, Bandai released a toy called the "Cosmic Crescent Jewel Box" which was visually similar to Sailor V's compact.

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