An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight

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Sailor Aluminum Seiren gives Usagi tickets to a special flight with the Three Lights, intending to trap her and steal her Star Seed.


Episode Data
Seiren finds herself facing several Sailor Senshi
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 恐怖への招待! うさぎの夜間飛行
Name (Romaji): Kyoufu he no Shoutai! Usagi no Yakan Hikou
Name (Translated): An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight
Name (Dub): Invitation to Terror: Usagi's Night Flight
Episode Number: 188
Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Writer: Kazuhiko Kobe
Animation Director: Shigetaka Kiyoyama
Air Date: October 12, 1996
Previous Episode: The Power of a Shining Star! Chibi Chibi's Transformation
Next Episode: Torn Between Duty and Friendship! Confrontation Between Sailor Senshi

Usagi and her friends are gathered at the Fruits Parlor Crown, discussing the strange energy they felt when Chibi Chibi touched the Eternal Tiare. They wonder if maybe Chibi Chibi came to them to give them that power.

The Three Lights are gathered elsewhere, talking about how they believe they sensed the presence of their Princess.

Sailor Galaxia is also thinking about the strange power that she sensed, but is more concerned with Sailor Aluminum Seiren's failure to find a true Star Seed. Sailor Aluminum Seiren, however, insists that she has found one and will deliver it soon. Sailor Lead Crow stares at her in disbelief, as a shadowed figure watches from a short distance away.

Ami and Makoto discuss plans while on their way to school, but when Usagi arrives uncharacteristically early they immediately stop. Usagi becomes suspicious that they're keeping a secret, and her suspicions are proved correct when Minako arrives, excitedly waving a ticket. After Usagi becomes upset with her friends, they finally admit that they are going to a special preview of the Three Lights' new movie, which will be broadcast on an airplane flight that evening. She wants to go too, but it turns out that it is for members of the Three Lights Fan Club, so Usagi rushes off to find Seiya so she can join the club as well. Seiya tells her that there were only a limited number of tickets, so he does not have any left; Taiki and Yaten tell her the same thing when she goes to them. Ami, Makoto, and Minako feel sorry for her, but not enough to give up one of their tickets.

After school, Usagi's friends head off to the event as she continues home by herself. As she arrives at her house, though, Chibi Chibi presents her with an envelope containing a ticket for the preview - as well as a letter from Sailor Aluminum Seiren. The letter addresses her as Sailor Moon and invites her to the flight, saying that the Animamate has a "special seat" reserved for her. Usagi realizes that her friends are in danger, and rushes for the airport.

On the airplane, the Three Lights arrive and greet their fans, then go up their seats on the upstairs deck. Usagi arrives at the gate and tries to convince the flight attendant to stop the flight, but is escorted to her seat, also upstairs with the Three Lights. Seiya is surprised to see her, and even more surprised when Usagi begs him to stop the flight. It is too late, though, as the plane has already started to depart. Seiya assures her that he will protect her if anything happens. Usagi finally takes her seat, but worries that this must be a trap, and is concerned that someone might be hurt because of her. In the meantime, Sailor Aluminum Seiren removes the flight attendants' Star Seeds and prepares to retrieve a Star Seed for Galaxia.

As the fans watch the movie on the lower deck, Sailor Aluminum Seiren pumps gas through the air circulation system in order to put them all to sleep, and takes her new Phages, the Sailor Stewardess, to the upstairs deck. Usagi's friends, however, are jealous that she gets to watch the movie with the Three Lights, and get up from their seats.

The Sailor Stewardesses trap the Three Lights in their seats as Sailor Aluminum Seiren confronts Usagi, calling her Sailor Moon and demanding her Star Seed in exchange for the airplane's passengers. Usagi's friends burst into the cabin then, but are effectively distracted by the Phages. Sailor Aluminum Seiren tries to grab Usagi's brooch, but it flashes with a bright light and she is forced to let go; she instead prepares to fire a volley from her bracelets. Seiya looks on in dismay and finally, despite Yaten telling him not to, he transforms into Sailor Star Fighter. Yaten and Taiki have no choice but to follow suit, and transform into Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker. The girls and Sailor Aluminum Seiren are all stunned to find out the Three Lights' true identities, and Seiren orders the Sailor Stewardesses to attack; Sailor Star Fighter knocks them down with Star Serious Laser and orders the supposed civilians to run away. They refuse, however, and transform into their Sailor Senshi forms, surprising the Sailor Starlights.

Sailor Aluminum Seiren, annoyed by the interference of so many Senshi, orders the Sailor Stewardesses to attack. Sailor Star Healer and Sailor Star Maker, however, knock them back with Star Sensitive Inferno and Star Gentle Uterus, allowing Sailor Moon to heal them with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. In frustration, Seiren cries "Galactica Tsunami" while hurling food and drinks at the Senshi, but the Inner Senshi deflect her "attack" with their own. Finally forced to retreat, Sailor Aluminum Seiren steps back into her phone booth and disappears, leaving the various Senshi to stare at each other in awkward silence.

When Sailor Aluminum Seiren arrives before Sailor Galaxia, she has to admit that she was unable to bring the Star Seed. Tired of her failures, Galaxia removes Seiren's bracelets and the Animamate disappears. Sailor Lead Crow is upset by this, but Sailor Tin Nyanko smugly asserts that the job was too much for Seiren to handle.

Back at the airport, Usagi and her friends face the Three Lights in silence, then the latter group turns and walks away.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • In the manga, Makoto mentioned that her parents died in a plane crash and that she was afraid of airplanes, but that does not seem to be true in the anime, as in this episode she was able to board one without fear.
  • In the Italian dub, it was revealed the Sailor Starlights were the twin sisters of Three Lights, and from this episode onward the transformation phrases were changed to reflect this.
  • In the Korean dub, Sailor Aluminum Seiren's letter to Usagi was blank.


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