An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky

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Episode Data
Chibiusa's infamous first appearance
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 天使? 悪魔? 空から来た謎の少女
Name (Romaji): Tenshi? Akuma? Sora kara Kita Nazo no Shoujo
Name (Translated): An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky
Name (Viz Dub): Angel or Devil? The Mysterious Girl from the Sky
Episode Number: 60
Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando
Air Date: June 26, 1993
Previous Episode: True Love Awakens! The Makaiju's Secret
Next Episode: Huge Shock for Usagi! Mamoru Declares a Breakup
First English Dub Episode
Name: Serena Times Two
Number: 54
Company: DiC
Air Date: November 6, 1995
Previous Episode: Treed
Next Episode: The Cosmetic Caper

A strange child, claiming to be called Usagi Tsukino, appears from the sky and demands the Silver Crystal from Usagi.


A man and four women appear in the sky above Tokyo in a UFO. The women discuss their mission to locate and destroy both the Silver Crystal and someone they call the "Rabbit." The man, Rubeus, decides they should find and kill the "Rabbit" first. Then their ship vanishes from sight.

Meanwhile, Usagi and Mamoru are on a date in a park. As the two of them kiss, a ball that resembles a black cat falls out of the sky and bounces off Mamoru's head. A moment later there is a flash of bright light, whereupon a little girl falls out of the sky and lands on top of Usagi's head. Annoyed and confused, Usagi demands to know who the girl is. The girl says her name is Usagi, demanding to know why the older girl has the same hairstyle as her own. Usagi replies that the hairstyle is an Usagi Tsukino trademark. The girl pulls out a gun and points it at Usagi, saying that if she is Usagi Tsukino she must have the Silver Crystal, and demands that she hand it over. When Usagi doesn't cooperate, the girl shoots her and she falls over. Mamoru runs over, but discovers that the gun was just a toy and Usagi only has a suction cup dart stuck to her forehead. Mamoru turns to scold the girl, but finds that she has disappeared.

At home, Usagi discovers her bedroom is a huge mess. She blames Shingo for it at first, but sees the girl from the park is hiding behind him. Ikuko explains that to Usagi that her cousin has moved in with them. Usagi gets angry and exclaims that they don't have any cousins, but she is shown a family album with photos from the time her so-called "cousin" came to visit. Usagi still thinks this is crazy, but her family thinks she's just acting silly, and the girl is playing innocent. Later, Usagi takes a bath and Luna explains to her that this all happened while they were both away from the house. They both agree that the photos are fakes and that the family must be hypnotized. Luna says that they should wait until the girl makes her next move to decide if she is friend or foe. Suddenly the girl appears in the bathtub with Usagi and demands the Silver Crystal again. They start arguing, but Luna simply notes that Usagi's life isn't in danger. That night when Usagi is in bed, the girl appears in Usagi's pajamas and asks about the Silver Crystal. Usagi screams, waking the rest of the family. They come to Usagi's room to scold her for picking on her cousin, and the girl plays along again.

Meanwhile, the four women report to Rubeus that they couldn't find the Rabbit. Then an old man, Wiseman, appears in the ship as a hologram. He tells them that as long as the Silver Crystal exists, they cannot destroy Crystal Tokyo. He confirms that the Silver Crystal is somewhere in Azabu-Juuban, then he vanishes. Rubeus swears to find the Crystal and destroy it along with the Rabbit.

The next day, Usagi and the girls are at the Hikawa Shrine. Rei tries to divine information about the mystery girl using one of the fake photos of her, but she can't feel anything from it. Meanwhile, the girl spies on them and thinks that maybe Usagi gave the Silver Crystal to one of her friends. Later, Rei's grandfather bumps into the girl on his way to Rei's room with a tray full of tea and manju. The girl turns her Luna-P toy into a milk bottle and puts some drops of milk into the tea. Rei's grandfather says that she shouldn't put milk in the tea, but the girl sticks the bottle into his mouth and he falls asleep, showing that the "milk" is really a sleeping potion.

In Rei's room, Usagi complains that Rei's spiritual power must not be very good, but all the girls tell Usagi that maybe there's nothing to worry about since things have going well lately, especially her relationship with Mamoru. Then Rei's grandfather comes with the tray of tea and manju. He tries to flirt with the girls, but Rei tells him to leave it and go away. Usagi starts to eat the manju right away as the other girls drink the tea. One by one, all the girls except for Usagi collapse. The little girl enters the room disguised as Rei's grandfather and starts looking for the Silver Crystal; Usagi grabs her and demands to know who the girl really is and why she wants the Crystal. When Usagi spanks her, the girl cries out and a crescent moon mark appears on her forehead.

Meanwhile, one of the four women is at a playground checking the foreheads of a group of children. She sees the bright light in the distance and teleports into Rei's room, where Usagi and the girl still are. The woman says that she will kill the "Rabbit," referring to the girl. She introduces herself to Usagi as Koan, the youngest of the Spectre Sisters, and decides to kill Usagi first. Koan uses Dark Fire against Usagi, but she dodges just in time. The girl tries to run out of Rei's room to escape and Koan chases her, giving Usagi the chance to transform into Sailor Moon.

Koan chases the girl outside, where she falls to the ground and faints. Sailor Moon finds them before Koan can kill her, but Koan attacks and surrounds Sailor Moon with flames. She jumps up onto the wall to escape from the flames, then runs toward Koan, throwing herself at the Spectre Sister as the calls out "Sailor Body Attack!" The attack knocks Koan down and gets her face dirty, making her very angry. Tuxedo Mask appears and saves Sailor Moon from Koan's next attack. He picks up the unconscious girl, and Sailor Moon attacks Koan with Moon Princess Halation, but Koan escapes, swearing revenge as she disappears. While Tuxedo Mask is holding the girl he sees a vision of a crystal tower, and the sleeping girl thinks that he feels warm, just like "Papa."

Back in the UFO, Koan cleans her dirty face and tells Rubeus and her sisters about Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Later, Usagi lets the girl sleep in her bed and tells Luna what happened. While watching over her, Usagi muses that once the girl tells her everything, she's sure she'll be able to help.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This episode marked the first appearance of Chibiusa in the anime. The manner of her arrival was identical to that in Act 14 of the manga.
  • In this episode Mamoru started calling Usagi "Usako" while Usagi referred to Mamoru as "Mamo-chan."
  • This episode included the first use of Dark Fire.
  • In the first English dub of this episode Chibiusa's first appearance was significantly edited. All footage of the gun with which she threatened Usagi was removed, and when she disappeared the scene in which she arrived was simply played in reverse. Also, the frames of her being spanked were omitted, leaving her crying unexplained.
  • Also in the first dub of this episode, when Serena transformed, she said, "Moon Star Power" instead of "Moon Crystal Power."
  • In the Indonesian dub, the scene in which Usagi and Mamoru kissed was completely cut.


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