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The Amazoness Quartet

The Amazoness Quartet (アマゾネス・カルテット) were four young girls - CereCere, VesVes, JunJun, and PallaPalla - who were employed by Queen Nehellenia to serve the Dead Moon. In the English dub, they were referred to as the "Amazon Quartet."


The Amazoness Quartet originally lived in a jungle. One night, they discovered the mirror into which Queen Nehellenia had been sealed. She spoke to them through the mirror, telling them that their laughter had awakened her. She then said that she would allow them to stay young forever, and provided them with four magical Amazon Stones, granting them magical powers.

The four girls became part of the Dead Moon Circus. When the Amazon Trio failed, the Amazoness Quartet sent a Lemures, Mister Magic Pierrot, to assassinate them. Following the Trio's apparent deaths, the Quartet took over operations, serving under Zirconia in the search for the Golden Mirror.

After the Sailor Team gained access to the Dead Moon Circus tent, the Amazoness Quartet were sealed into mirrors by Nehellenia. Their power was then transferred to Zirconia to aid her in her battle with the Sailor Team. The Quartet realised they had been used, and on Sailor Mercury's advice, broke their Amazon Stones. This act released them from Nehellenia's control, and forced Zirconia to retreat. They later succeeded in stealing the Golden Crystal from Nehellenia, replacing it with a pineapple. After Nehellenia was sealed away and the circus was destroyed, they left to supposedly live as normal girls.


In the manga, the Amazoness Quartet were discovered sleeping inside asteroids by Nehellenia, and there she awoke them and forced them to become her minions. Sailor Saturn saved their Amazon Stones when the Dead Moon Circus was destroyed, and brought them to Neo-Queen Serenity. The Queen used the Silver Crystal to restore the four, at which point they were discovered to be the dormant Sailor Quartet, intended to become the guardians to Sailor Chibi Moon in the future.

Sera Myu[edit]

In the musicals, the Quartet become prominent during the Third Stage, particularly during Kessen / Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban) - Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo, where they were known as the Samael Quartet and had a very different background. Here, they were Homunculi that had been grown in Samael Flasks from Professor Tomoe's laboratory. This process required a pure heart to give the Homunculus a soul, and the Quartet had been created using Chibiusa's Star Seed. Their connection to her was limited since she had been rescued and her Star Seed removed from the flasks before they were fully grown, but they did have cryptic dreams and visions of one another.

The Samael Quartet were at times under the sway of the mysterious Lilith of Darkness. However, the friendship of Mandrake and their unconscious loyalty to Chibiusa ultimately broke through the spell, and they became the Sailor Quartet in order to aid Sailor Moon.

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