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The Amazon Trio (アマゾン・トリオ) were a group of three villains, Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fisheye, who appeared in the fourth season of the anime, the Dream arc of the manga, and Sailor Moon Eternal. In the manga and Crystal, they were fairly minor characters, similar to monsters-of-the-day, and under the command of the Amazoness Quartet, while in the anime they were given bigger roles and expanded personalities.


The Amazon Trio in the anime

In the Japanese version of the anime, all three characters were male. In the first English dub, Fisheye was a female. The function of the three villains was to find the person in whose Dream Mirror Pegasus was hiding. They chose their victims by picking through photographs of people, seemingly at random, from a pile they kept on a tabletop. They would often pick people Usagi knew closely, such as Mamoru Chiba or Rei Hino, but not always. They were assisted in their efforts by various Lemures.

When the Amazon Trio had failed in the eyes of Zirconia, they were attacked by a clown that seemed impossible to fight. When the three were killed, they transformed back into their original bodies: a tiger, a hawk, and a fish. Pegasus then gave them all their own Dream Mirrors, which they had longed for, and took them to Elysion.


In the manga, the Amazon Trio were animals given human form by the Amazoness Quartet, each sent to target a different Sailor Senshi: Fisheye to Sailor Mercury, Tiger's Eye to Sailor Mars, and Hawk's Eye to Sailor Jupiter.


The Amazon Trio appeared in Sailor Moon Eternal as in the manga, but in that continuity Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye never reverted back to their original forms during their battles with the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Jupiter's attack also did not immediately destroy Hawk's Eye; instead, he accepted the end of his short-lived dream of running a shop and advised Sailor Jupiter to achieve her dreams, before he and his store dissolved.


  • The Amazon Trio sometimes referred to the Sailor Senshi as "pumpkins," a nickname which was kept in the English dub as well.