Act 8 - Rei and Her Father

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Rei deals with her relationship with her father, while Usagi tries to win a Nako Nako lookalike contest.


PGSM Episode
Rei poses at the Nako Nako contest
Name (kanji/kana): レイとお父さん
Name (romaji): Rei to Otousan
Name (translated): Rei and Her Father
Episode Number: 8
Director: Ryuuta Tasaki
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: November 22, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 7 - He Saw Me Transforming!
Next Episode: Act 9 - I'll Protect the Legendary Silver Crystal

Down in the Secret Base, Rei, Makoto, and Ami wait for Usagi, who is late once again. Makoto volunteers to go look for her, but Rei insists that's being too nosy. Makoto replies that she doesn't see anything wrong with it.

In the front room of the Karaoke Crown, Motoki is busy taking pictures of himself with Kamekichi when Usagi rushes in and flashes her pass at him. He tries to apologize for being a bother at the amusement park, but she's gone too fast to hear.

Once Usagi gets to the Secret Base, she happily displays the reason she called everyone together: there is an upcoming look-alike contest for Minako's mascot, Nako Nako, and Usagi suggests that everyone enter. Rei refuses, which doesn't surprise Usagi very much; Ami insists she's too busy researching Sailor V; and Makoto isn't interested in the prize. Since the others aren't going to enter, Usagi asks them to help her out.

As it turns out, Usagi accidentally did the wrong homework the other day, and she doesn't have time to catch up and work on her entry for the costume contest, and she wants the others to help out. Makoto seems agreeable, but Rei sternly insists that Usagi needs to take care of this herself. The two of them bicker until Usagi, looking distressed, breaks up the fight and says that it's okay, she'll do it herself. Rei and Makoto glare at each other, and Makoto accuses her of being too cold.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite once again plays his piano, trying to find Sailor V. He is interrupted by Jadeite, who asks for his help against the Sailor Senshi. Zoisite only smiles. Elsewhere, Nephrite reports to Queen Beryl on Jadeite's failures. Beryl counters by telling him it's better to try than to just talk, much to Nephrite's dismay.

Makoto walks toward the Hikawa Shrine holding a wooden plaque with Usagi's wish to win the Nako Nako look-alike contest; she remembers how Usagi begged her to hang it for her, and to please talk things out with Rei. As she arrives at the shrine, she finds Rei talking on her cell phone about how it's too late to have a good family relationship with "him," and how she doesn't want to see him. As Rei hangs up, she notices Makoto's presence, and the two of them resume bickering. Makoto starts to stomp away but pauses, remembering her promise to Usagi, but after a glance back at Rei she keeps going anyway.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi is distracted from her homework by her concerns for Rei and Makoto. After a moment, though, she declares that she must do her best and resumes studying. Shingo sees her hard at work and, amazed, reports to his mother that she's really focused. Ikuko is a little worried, but decides that it can't be a bad thing - until Shingo points out that her mind might suddenly snap.

Up in her room, Usagi has finally finished her workbook. She's tired, but still determined to work on her costume for the contest. Ikuko comes upstairs to bring her a snack, but finds Usagi practicing Nako Nako's trademark "kupi" noise in a self-made Nako Nako costume, and immediately panics, thinking that Usagi has finally gone crazy. She pulls Usagi's hat off and wails that it's okay, she doesn't have to study anymore.

The next morning at Juuban Municipal Junior High School, Usagi and her friends are all dressed in their Nako Nako costumes, practicing poses. Usagi, however, is so tired that she can barely focus on what they're doing. Ami and Makoto watch nearby, both pleased that Usagi managed to finish. Ami is disappointed that she can't go to the contest because of cram school, but at least Makoto can support their friend. Makoto looks guilty, putting a hand in her pocket to feel the wish plaque that is still there.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite tells Jadeite that he will send his spirit to wherever Sailor Moon is. Jadeite closes his eyes, and Zoisite begins to play his piano.

Makoto walks across the Hikawa Shrine, carrying Usagi's wish plaque. As she goes, she spots Rei being forced into a car by several people in suits. She wonders if it could be a kidnapping and, alarmed, runs after the car. The car finally pulls up at a tall building, and the woman sitting next to Rei tells her to get out.

Elsewhere, a large crowd of costumed people gather for the Nako Nako contest, and Usagi eyes her competition with some dismay. One of her friends wonders where Minako is.

Inside the building, Makoto follows the woman who had been with Rei. The woman goes inside of a room, and Makoto tries to enter but finds the door locked. A large man in a dark suit stops her, and is soon joined by another, but when they try to lead Makoto away she throws them both down. The woman opens the door to investigate the noise, and when she sees Makoto she tries to call for help, but Rei stops her, saying that it's just her friend. Makoto enters the room and finds Rei all dressed up, a very large change from her usual miko robes. Rei tells Ms. Kurata, the woman, to leave them alone; Ms. Kurata reminds her that Rei's father will be there shortly and then departs.

Makoto is surprised to hear Rei's father mentioned. Rei replies that, although he is a busy politician, they meet for lunch once a month. Makoto looks briefly relieved, then hastily reassures Rei that she wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but she'd thought Rei was in trouble. Rei is surprised that Makoto came to save her, but says that Makoto wasn't very wrong, and she really doesn't want to be there.

Zoisite continues to play his piano, and Jadeite suddenly jerks upright, his eyes flying open. In the hall where the Nako Nako contest is being held, the music in the background changes from "C'est la Vie" to the piano's music.

Ms. Kurata returns to tell Rei that her father is on his way. She mentions that he's trying to get material for an article on ideal family relationships; when she hears this Rei tears herself away, eyes filling with tears as she demands to know how their relationship is "ideal" in any way. She declares that ever since her mother died he has just wanted to make himself look good as a politician, and when Ms. Kurata tries to protest, Rei angrily tries to shove her out of the room. Ms. Kurata tries to struggle, but Makoto rushes over and forces her out, locking the door behind her. When the girls refuse to open the door again, Ms. Kurata finally gives up and tells the men in dark suits that they're going to give Rei a few minutes.

Back in the room, Rei tells Makoto that it's all just a pretense her father puts on; he actually hates her abilities, and that's why he left her at the shrine. She insists that she's glad, because it forced her to become stronger on her own, but she's tired of his pretenses. Makoto thinks for a moment, then suggests that, if she's so tired of it, maybe she should run away.

A while later, a woman with room service arrives with a cart and is admitted to the room; when the men in suits try to follow the door is promptly slammed in their faces. Time passes, and the cart once again emerges - but this time Makoto is wearing the girl's uniform and Rei is hidden under the cart. Rei mentions that she's surprised that Makoto went along with this plan, because she'd expected to be told to get along with her family. Makoto replies that she'd thought about it, but since she doesn't have a family, she doesn't know anything about it. With a grin, she grabs the cart's handle and starts to run. Rei throws off the cart's cover, revealing herself to be once more in her Miko robes, and laughs delightedly as hotel staff dive out of the way of the cart.

Once they stop, Makoto goes to get her bag off the cart, but she drops it and some of the contents spill out. Rei spots a handmade Nako Nako keychain and starts to tease Makoto about her love of cute things. The two of them laugh together, but are interrupted as their cell phones ring and Luna informs them that there's trouble.

At the Nako Nako contest, all of the entrants have had their energy drained and lie helpless on the ground - except for Usagi, who tries vainly to wake her friends. The piano music still echoes through the room. Back at the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite tells Jadeite to "fly," and Jadeite opens his eyes... then appears on the stage at the contest hall. He charges at Usagi, who ducks out of his way and transforms into Sailor Moon. While she transforms, though, he sneaks behind her and grabs her by the neck. The two fight briefly and he throws her into the hall, and she backs away as he approaches menacingly.

As Minako arrives at the hall where the contest is being held, the radio in her limo suddenly starts to play Zoisite's piano music. She glances around and finds him standing outside the window, pointing at her as he smiles triumphantly. She covers her ears and yells for the driver to stop the music; when he turns off the radio Zoisite vanishes once more, leaving her handlers concerned about her odd behavior.

Jadeite hits Sailor Moon with an energy attack which knocks her down, but as he's about to finish her off, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars arrive. After a brief bout of ballet-fu, the two Sailor Senshi use Flower Hurricane and Akuryo Taisan against Jadeite, but he just absorbs the attacks into a glowing green ball of energy. He triumphantly declares that he'll send them to Hell, too, but he suddenly grimaces in pain and begins to glow red, then disappears, leaving the Senshi baffled as to what just happened.

They run back to check on Sailor Moon, who insists she's fine and expresses delight that the two of them have made up. She proudly tells Sailor Mars that she took care of everything on her own, and she's going to win the Nako Nako contest - but she's so tired that she promptly falls asleep.

The contest has resumed, and the MC announces that, due to scheduling problems, Minako will not be appearing, but she signed the stuffed Nako Nako toy that is to be the grand prize for the contest. Makoto and Rei spot each other preparing to compete, and declare their intentions to win. After their turns on stage, however, they only end up with consolation prizes. Both of them agree that they can't tell Usagi about this.

Back in her room, Usagi is in bed, still dreaming about Nako Nako and muttering "kupi" in her sleep. Luna frets that if she and the other Senshi don't fully awaken soon, they're going to be in great danger, because the enemy is only getting stronger.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite lies on the floor, gasping in pain. Zoisite observes that he didn't do too bad, for his first try, but triumphantly declares that he felt Sailor V's presence. He sits back down at the piano and resumes playing.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Despite the title of this episode, Rei's father Ryuuji Hino did not appear in it.


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