Act 7 - He Saw Me Transforming!

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Usagi thinks that Motoki might be Tuxedo Mask, and so goes to the amusement park with him to investigate - but while there she is attacked by a Youma and ends up transforming in front of Motoki's friend Mamoru.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Moon reflected in the mirror after transforming
Name (kanji/kana): 変身するのをみられちゃった!
Name (romaji): Henshinsuru no o mirarechatta!
Name (translated): He Saw Me Transforming!
Episode Number: 7
Director: Ryuuta Tasaki
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: November 15, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 6 - The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter
Next Episode: Act 8 - Rei and Her Father

It's night, and Sailor Moon is fighting a straw-like Youma inside of a large building. She uses Moon Tiara Boomerang, but finds she only hit a decoy; the real Youma is behind her. It launches a number of large spikes at her and she can only wait for the attack to hit, but just in time Tuxedo Mask arrives and knocks them away. Sailor Moon calls his name and he looks back at her, distracted just long enough for the Youma to throw another spike which grazes his arm. Sailor Moon grabs the spike and throws it back, and the Youma runs away, too fast for her to follow. Disappointed, Sailor Moon turns away to find that Tuxedo Mask has left; she hears his footsteps and chases after. As she follows, though, Sailor V appears and sternly orders her to stay away from him. Luna appears and asks Sailor V if she is the Princess, but the mysterious Sailor Senshi vanishes without answering, leaving Sailor Moon behind to wonder how Tuxedo Mask can be her enemy.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite sits at his piano and plays. In the meantime, Nephrite and Jadeite report to Queen Beryl; they tell her that Zoisite thinks Sailor V is the Princess, and she immediately orders that Sailor V be killed. Nephrite expresses his doubts as to Zoisite's ability, but Beryl tells him to worry about his own mission to find the Silver Crystal. As the two Shitennou leave, Nephrite taunts Jadeite, who insists he will find energy as ordered. Zoisite continues to play, concentrating on Sailor V.

Usagi wanders distractedly into Karaoke Crown, still thinking about the possibility that Tuxedo Mask is an enemy. As she enters, she sees Motoki holding a tuxedo jacket with a rip in the same place Tuxedo Mask had been hit by the Youma's attack. She stares at Motoki, wondering if he could really be Tuxedo Mask.

In the Secret Base, Usagi discusses the previous night's events with Makoto, Rei, Ami, and Luna. They think that Sailor V might be the Princess, and Luna tells them that when the Princess appears, she will tell them something very important. Usagi thinks to herself that she can't tell the others who Tuxedo Mask really is.

Later that night, Luna asks Usagi if she has fallen in love with Tuxedo Mask, but Usagi immediately denies it, insisting that she's just curious because he's saved her so many times. Luna reminds her what Sailor V says, and with those remembered words in her mind, Usagi thinks to herself that she's sure he isn't an enemy...but as for whether or not she's fallen in love with him, she's not sure.

Usagi enters Karaoke Crown and stops at the front counter to give Motoki some turtle food for Kamekichi. They introduce themselves, and as thanks for the food, Motoki offers her a ticket to an amusement park, and suggests that she bring some friends along as well. Usagi thinks for a moment, then happily accepts.

Rei is grumpy about being dragged along, but Usagi says she needed three people and Ami was busy. Makoto teases her about Motoki, which seems to annoy Rei even more. Usagi spots Mamoru nearby and the two of them exchange disgusted looks; just then Motoki arrives and is surprised that they already know each other. It turns out that Mamoru is Motoki's classmate, who he invited to the park as well. As Usagi assures Makoto that the two of them really aren't friends, Motoki hands Mamoru a bag with the now-mended tuxedo jacket inside. Motoki's other friend arrives, and turns out to be Takai, another turtle lover (who is wearing a plushie-turtle backpack). The group splits into pairs and Makoto ends up with Motoki, Rei with Takai, and Usagi with Mamoru; seeing Usagi's obvious displeasure, Makoto trades partners and they head off to the rides. Takai, however, develops hiccups as soon as Rei tries to speak to him, and she only looks even more disgusted.

As they go on the rides, Usagi thinks to herself that it's fun to be with Tuxedo Mask, but he seems different, somehow, and she wonders if he's trying to hide his identity. Rei, however, is stuck on the sidelines, watching the others and dealing with Takai's hiccups.

Motoki and Usagi are out in a rowboat on the lake (and are passed by a boat being rowed by Makoto, as Mamoru watches in vague bemusement), and Usagi thinks to herself that, even though she's with Tuxedo Mask, she doesn't feel very excited. She decides that she just needs to make it more fun.

The four of them walk by a mirror maze and Usagi happily leads the way inside. Motoki has Usagi hold one end of a handkerchief while he takes the other, so they don't get separated in the maze. Despite the precaution they get split up, and the four of them wander the mirrored corridors.

Outside, Takai is still trying to stop his hiccups, using stranger and stranger methods. Rei suddenly senses something and, looking around, spots the straw-Youma from before. She runs after it, followed by a confused Takai.

Usagi finally finds someone she knows: Mamoru. He chides her for leaving Motoki alone because he doesn't do well in this kind of place. Out in one of the corridors Motoki is in obvious distress when Makoto finds him. Usagi and Mamoru bicker with each other, then Mamoru grabs her hand, telling her he doesn't want to get separated again, and leads the way back into the maze. Usagi wonders why her heart is suddenly beating so fast.

Rei stands at the top of an amphitheater looking around, but the Youma is nowhere in sight. She decides that she must have imagined it and starts to walk away. As Takai follows, the straw-Youma grabs his shoulder.

Rei spots a bunch of balloons floating away and returns to the amphitheater to find Takai draining the energy of the people there. She tries to transform but the Youma-possessed young man gets to her first; he takes her energy, too, storing it in his plushie turtle backpack. Rei collapses and can only watch him as he goes after more victims, but she manages to pull out her phone and alert the others.

Upon receiving the call, Makoto leaves a distinctly sick-looking Motoki sitting on some stairs and runs off.

Usagi hangs up her phone and glances around, noting that Mamoru has disappeared again. She takes advantage of the opportunity to transform into Sailor Moon, but unfortunately for her, Mamoru hasn't gone very far and sees her reflection in the mirrors. As she runs off, he expresses his shock that she is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter find Rei, who directs them toward Takai's backpack. As the Youma notices them, he abandons Takai's body, grabs the backpack, and tries to escape. The two Senshi stop him and, after a brief fight, Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder. Sailor Moon starts to use Moon Twilight Flash, but remembering her previous fight with this Youma, waits until Jupiter has destroyed the decoy and then turns and sends her attack at the real Youma behind them.

Now that the Youma has been destroyed, the two Senshi go after the backpack but are stopped by Jadeite. Sailor Jupiter thinks he might be a Youma, but he introduces himself as a Shitennou and one of Queen Beryl's followers. He throws an energy attack at the Senshi, but Tuxedo Mask appears and blocks it with his cane. Jadeite increases the power and it knocks Tuxedo Mask back, injuring one of his hands. When Sailor Moon goes to him, he yells at her to go after the backpack instead. Jadeite grabs it and tries to run away, but Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to rip it open and release the stored energy, which then returns to those from whom it was stolen.

Jadeite throws the now-useless backpack down in disgust and, with a curse in the Senshi's direction, disappears. Tuxedo Mask starts to leave, but Sailor Moon runs after him and wraps his injured hand in her handkerchief. He thanks her, but she insists it was her fault, and asks why he always saves her; he admits that he doesn't even know himself. As he leaves, Sailor Moon wonders why she also feels the way she does about him. She looks up and sees Sailor V watching her. Sailor V asks if she forgot her warning, and Sailor Moon replies that she doesn't know why, but she can't stay away from him. Sailor V looks sad and wonders if fate can't be changed.

Takai sits up and realizes that his hiccups have finally stopped.

Usagi admits to her friends that she'd thought Motoki might be Tuxedo Mask, but she now realizes that she was wrong. Rei and Makoto argue over whether or not it was a stupid idea, while Usagi wonders just who Tuxedo Mask really is.

As he walks away, Mamoru looks down at the pink handkerchief wrapped around his hand. "She is Sailor Moon?" he says to himself, thinking about his memories of Sailor Moon and Usagi. He pulls the handkerchief off and shoves it in his pocket.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Previously, Tuxedo Mask's mask was plain white (similar to the one in the manga and anime series), but in this episode it had a black border and a jewel at the center. There was no explanation given for this change, nor did the characters seem to notice anything different. This version of the mask remained for the rest of the series (although the old version did appear in Act Zero, because that episode took place before the beginning of Act 1).
  • At the amusement park, Usagi was originally paired with Mamoru and Makoto with Motoki before they changed partners. This original pairing reflected how the four characters ended up as couples in the series. Rei and Takai, the other pair in the group, never became a couple, though.


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