Act 6 - The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter

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The new transfer student, Makoto Kino, turns out to be Sailor Jupiter.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Moon tells Makoto she's not alone
Name (kanji/kana): 転校生はセーラージュピター
Name (romaji): Tenkousei wa Seeraa Jupitaa
Name (translated): The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter
Episode Number: 6
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: November 8, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 5 - Is Usagi a True Friend?
Next Episode: Act 7 - He Saw Me Transforming!

Several young men are playing basketball on an outside court. Naru, Momoko, Kanami, and Usagi excitedly watch one of them, Takeru, exclaiming over how cool he is. They notice that he has been attracting a lot of girls lately when he plays, and decide to get closer. Usagi does not notice them leaving at first and thus lags behind; when she goes to follow three guys come up and harass her. A tall girl in an unfamiliar school uniform appears and takes the boys down; Usagi tries to thank her but she just walks away.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl remarks that it seems to be harder than expected to find the Silver Crystal. Nephrite replies that he will do anything to find it for her. She smiles and tells him to keep searching while Jadeite collects human energy. Elsewhere, in a strange room filled with odd sculptures, Jadeite tells himself that he will not fail again.

It's lunchtime at the junior high, and Usagi's friends are planning to watch Takeru again after school. She thinks to herself that he's not nearly as interesting as Tuxedo Mask. She notices the stranger in the unfamiliar school uniform walk past, and one of her friends observes that she is a transfer student who was kicked out of her old school for fighting. The girl walks out onto the roof and nods at Ami, who is up there eating lunch and reading a book as usual. As the girl walks down the hall later, all the students stare at her apprehensively and whisper amongst themselves.

After school Usagi finds the stranger and thanks her for her help. The girl notes that Usagi is the first person to talk to her, and Usagi replies that she does not believe the rumors. The girl introduces herself as Makoto Kino, and Usagi immediately calls her "Mako-chan" and drags her off to go shopping and familiarize herself with the area.

While they talk, Usagi learns that Makoto lives by herself, because her parents died when she was ten. She gets an idea and drags her off to another place.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei and Luna are discussing Sailor V when Usagi shows up. She introduces Rei and Makoto, and Rei stares oddly at the other girl, prompting her to ask if something is wrong. Rei replies in the negative, and Makoto notices the time and says that she has to leave. After she's gone Luna asks Rei if she sensed something as well, and Rei agrees that she might be the fourth Senshi.

Takeru and his friends are once again playing basketball, accompanied by the adoring cheers of his female admirers standing at the sidelines. A little farther away, partially hidden by the trees, Makoto also watches. Takeru suddenly begins to glow red, and the glow spreads to the watching girls; it only lasts for a moment, though, and after it is gone everyone keeps going like nothing happened. In the background, the three guys who had been harassing Usagi look at Makoto, then each other, and nod.

At school, Usagi's friends sigh over photos of Takeru. Haruna Sakurada grabs the photos from them and tells them to save it for break time, but when she looks at them she exclaims over how cool Takeru is. While she is waving the photos around, Usagi notices what looks like Makoto in the background.

When Usagi confronts Makoto about it, she laughs at the idea of her liking Takeru. Usagi insists that she had a sad look on her face while looking at him, and offers to help if Makoto needs anything, because she has some experience in this field. Makoto once again insists that Usagi is mistaken, and says she just likes basketball. Usagi is not convinced.

When Makoto gets home, she finds a letter in her mailbox from Takeru, in which he says that he thinks about her all the time and asks her to meet him the next morning by the fountain. She smiles a little, thoughtfully, and begins to make cookies as Luna watches her from the window.

The next morning, Takeru stands on the basketball court, dribbling the basketball. He sees his female admirers approaching and drops the ball, raising his arms to greet them with an evil smile. In the meantime, Makoto stands at the fountain, holding a bag of cookies and waiting for Takeru.

In the Secret Base, Usagi, Rei, and Ami discuss Makoto. Rei and Ami wonder if she's the fourth Senshi, but Usagi is more interested in the idea that she has a crush on Takeru. Rei says that falling in love with guys is a waste of time, and Makoto doesn't seem like the type. Ami observes that Makoto brings a homemade lunch that's very cute and feminine, which convinces Usagi that she was right.

Makoto waits by the fountain for several hours with no sign of Takeru; even when it begins to rain, she still stays. The three guys show up and thank her for waiting, mocking her for actually believing the letter. Luna sees this and calls Usagi.

Usagi, Ami, and Rei run to the fountain and find Makoto sitting nearby, still soaking wet. Makoto admits that at her old school, her heart was broken by her senpai, and Takeru looked kind of like him. Disgusted at herself, she throws the now-sodden bag of cookies into the garbage and walks away. Usagi apologizes for calling her tomboyish, but Makoto just waves her off and keeps going. Determined, Usagi pulls out her Teletia S and tells the others not to stop her; Ami just smiles and says she'll help, and Rei agrees, saying that she hates guys who deceive girls.

The three guys are playing basketball at the outdoor court when Usagi, Ami, and Rei appear, having used their phones to transform into street basketball players. The girls challenge them to a match, and the guys agree.

Makoto walks home and pauses in front of her mailbox as a tear runs down her cheek. Takeru appears and tells her that she's the only one who didn't show up, so he came to get her. He holds out a hand and tells her to come with him; she stares at him for a moment before taking it. When her hand touches his, they begin to glow with a red light and Makoto finds herself surrounded by Takeru's other female fans, all still and silent in a strange black-and-white world that looks like the room where Jadeite had been earlier. Takeru gloats over the stupid women whose energy he will now take, but Makoto suddenly grabs his hand. He demands to know why the spell didn't work on her, and she gets angry with him for deceiving the others and playing with their feelings. Makoto punches him in the face, and when he flies back all the girls glow red and reappear in the park, wondering how they got there.

Back at the basketball court, the guys collapse in exhaustion. The girls taunt them, and they whisper to each other to win at any cost. Two of the guys grab Rei and Ami, but the girls fight back and knock them down, leaving only one to oppose Usagi. He backs away from her apprehensively, and Usagi takes a flying leap, jumps off the guy's forehead, and slam-dunks the ball. The guys all collapse again, moaning, while the girls look triumphant.

Makoto is once again in front of the fountain, backing away from Takeru as he approaches. Enraged, he declares that he won't let her get away and transforms; the Youma emerges from his body and the real Takeru drops to the ground. The Youma starts to go after him and Makoto shoves him away, but at that the Youma turns on her and wraps its snake-like whip around her neck. She reaches out toward Takeru but he screams and runs away.

Makoto finds herself in a misty place, remembering her parents leaving, then her senpai, and her friends, all as she begs them not to go. She thinks to herself that, in the end, she's always alone. Just then she hears someone call her name, and Sailor Moon appears out of the mists, telling her that she's not alone. She takes Makoto's wrist and a Jewelry Star Bracelet appears there. Sailor Moon tells her to transform, and Makoto nods, then transforms into Sailor Jupiter.

In the real world, the Youma is thrown back as Sailor Jupiter appears; she uses Supreme Thunder and destroys it. She glances down at her sailor fuku, disbelieving, and Sailor Moon walks up to her. Jupiter recognizes her as Usagi, and she smiles and tells Jupiter that they're companions. Sailor Mars walks up and says that she had thought Makoto was a Senshi, but was not sure because of the Youma's spell. Sailor Mercury comes up to them and observes that as Senshi they all have powers, and Jupiter is one of them.

Sailor Jupiter says that she now knows why she was always alone; it wasn't her fault, but it was so she could meet her companions. Luna sees the four of them standing together and declares that, now that the four Senshi are united, they can combine their powers to find the Princess and the Silver Crystal. Sailor Mars counters that they first need to find out Sailor V's identity, but Sailor Moon is sure that with all four of them together, they can do anything. In the meantime, Zoisite watches them from the distance....

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Makoto was often seen in this episode leaning comfortably against trees, suggesting her relationship with the element of Wood.
  • Basketball is a favorite sport of Miyuu Sawai, the actress who played Usagi, who became a street basketball player in this episode.


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