Act 4 - Sneaking into the Party!

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Usagi and Ami crash a costume party in search of the Silver Crystal.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in the energy bubble
Name (kanji/kana): パーティーに潜入よ!
Name (romaji): Paatii ni Sennyuu yo!
Name (translated): Sneaking into the Party!
Episode Number: 4
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: October 25, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 3 - The Third Senshi is Miko Rei
Next Episode: Act 5 - Is Usagi a True Friend?

Usagi, Ami, and Luna are all in the Secret Base while Usagi mourns the fact that Rei doesn't want to be their friend, and more, she hates karaoke. The three of them want to persuade her to join them, but don't want to force her. Luna points out that they also need to make plans to find the Silver Crystal.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl wonders if the Sailor Senshi are planning to awaken the Moon Princess, but realizes that if the Princess does appear, she might have the Silver Crystal. Jadeite tries to volunteer to search for the Crystal, but Beryl is annoyed at his failures and calls for Nephrite instead.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei stares into her fire and realizes that something bad is coming.

A news broadcaster announces that at her birthday party the next day, Yuka Sakuragi will be displaying her Blue Crystal. Luna thinks that it might really be the Silver Crystal, so Usagi excitedly suggests that they go to the party to investigate. Ami notes that she doesn't have an invitation, but Usagi tells her that for times like this, they need to use their Teletia S - and as she pulls hers out, she accidentally hits Mamoru in the chest. The two bicker, as usual, and he stalks off, wondering aloud if this Blue Crystal might be the Silver Crystal. In the background, a disguised Nephrite watches the news broadcast as well. Rei senses his presence, but before she can do anything about it Usagi and Ami find her and suggest she go to the party with them. She declines, saying that she doesn't need friends and she can do it on her own, because that's how she prefers to do things. Usagi is upset by this, but is quickly distracted by her need to find something to wear to the party, and starts taking pictures of pretty dresses in shop windows.

As it turns out, though, she doesn't need the dresses - it's a Halloween costume party. Ami is there, dressed in a French maid-style costume with cat ears and whiskers, accompanied by Luna, who observes that Usagi is late. Usagi appears in a mascot-style bear costume, and as she and Ami walk away, Rei also shows up, dressed in her miko robes with the addition of a mask. Yuka, the birthday girl, appears on stage and thanks everyone for coming to the party, and music starts to play. Usagi runs off excitedly, and Ami and Luna split up to search.

Backstage, Yuka tells a guard that the jewel will be unveiled in an hour. Nephrite, watching, turns a plant into a Youma and sends it after the two of them.

As Usagi wanders the party, she bumps into Tuxedo Mask and thinks that he smells nice, as he wonders what this strange bear is doing.

Ami searches the back hallways and encounters Rei, who informs her that she senses a Youma somewhere nearby. Ami suggests that they work together as Senshi, if not as friends, and asks if Rei is afraid of friends; if so, she says she understands. Rei replies that friends and family always disappear.

Tuxedo Mask manages to extricate himself from the bear's embrace and leaves. Usagi mourns the fact that she couldn't think of anything to say and wanders off, then bumps into the DJ station and gets an idea.

Ami and Rei hear a scream and run toward it; they find the guard unconscious and the jewel's owner possessed by Nephrite's Youma. Ami snatches the jewel case away and the Youma abandons the girl's body. The girls transform into Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars tells Sailor Mercury to run with the jewel while she delays the Youma. She uses Youma Taisan, but the Youma splits into two and one half attacks her while the other runs after Mercury.

Usagi hands her request to the DJ just as her phone rings; when she answers it, Luna tells her about the Youma, and she runs off to help.

Usagi finds Sailor Mars trapped by the Youma and goes to transform - but realizes that she's stuck in her costume and can't get at her Heart Moon Brooch. While she struggles with the zipper, the Youma traps her as well. Seeing this, Sailor Mars breaks free, rescues Usagi, and helps her get out of the bear suit. Usagi thanks her, observing that it's nice to have friends, and the two of them run off to help Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury, up on the roof, runs away from the Youma. As they corner her, Sailor Mars and Usagi arrive, and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. The two Youma split again, creating a third one, much to the dismay of the Senshi. Sailor Mars uses Akuryo Taisan on one, but the other two revive it again. Sailor Mercury tries Mercury Aqua Mist, but once again the other two revive the injured Youma. Once again the Senshi are confounded, but Sailor Mercury suggests that they attack all three at once. Sailor Moon summons her Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Twilight Flash as the other two attack once again. However, their timing was off, and all three Youma get up again. They try again, with the same result, and the three Youma attack.

The Senshi's ballet-fu is no match for the three Youma, and they fall back and regroup. Sailor Moon hears "C'est la Vie" playing and begins to sing along; Sailor Mercury realizes that they can attack in time to the song. Even though she hates singing, Sailor Mars agrees to the plan and the girls get ready to attack.

Downstairs, the DJ announces that the song was requested by a "Moon Girl" as a message to a "Masked Man."

On the roof, the Senshi circle, singing along with the song, and attack. This time, all three attacks strike the Youma at the same time and they are destroyed. The girls' triumph is short-lived, as Nephrite appears with the jewel case in hand. Sailor Moon tells him to give it back, but Tuxedo Mask appears and also demands it. He and Nephrite battle, and the jewel case gets knocked away. Sailor Moon lunges after the case and catches it at the edge of the roof, but loses her balance and falls. Tuxedo Mask grabs her hand, but he also slips and they both fall over the side of the building.

As they fall, the Moonlight Stick begins to glow, and the two of them are surrounded in a bubble of energy that slowly drifts to the ground. Tuxedo Mask is surprised, but Sailor Moon is delighted and begins to sing "C'est la Vie" again. Once they land, Tuxedo Mask thanks Sailor Moon for saving him; she insists that it was her fault anyway, and she thanks him for saving her previously. He tells her that she has a nice voice, which makes her blush.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury appear and distract Sailor Moon, who tells them about what happened. In the meantime, Tuxedo Mask opens the jewel case and observes that this isn't the Silver Crystal. Luna asks him if he's also searching for the Silver Crystal, and asks who he is. He replies that while they're looking for the same thing, he might be an enemy.

Usagi, Ami, and Rei walk home, with Usagi singing again. She suggests that next time they have a karaoke party, and Rei replies that she said she doesn't like karaoke... but if they remove the karaoke part she'll come.

Usagi thinks about her encounter with Tuxedo Mask, smiling happily. At the same time, Luna remembers his comment that he might be an enemy and is concerned.


  • This episode, which features a Halloween costume party, was aired near Halloween.


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