Act 46 - Sailor Venus Awakens her Senshi Powers

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After Makoto is injured fighting Queen Metalia's Youma, Minako realizes that her past life is not her only life, and finally awakens her Senshi power.


PGSM Episode
Minako awakens her Senshi powers
Name (kanji/kana): 戦士の力にめざめたセーラーヴぃーナス
Name (romaji): Senshi no Chikara ni Mezameta Seeraa Viinasu
Name (translated): Sailor Venus Awakens her Senshi Powers
Episode Number: 46
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: August 28, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 45 - Youma Metalia's Violent Attack
Next Episode: Act 47 - Goodbye, Minako

Motoki is dismayed to find that the turtle charm he bought is chipped, and wonders if it can be fixed.

In the Secret Base, Usagi feels a surge of energy from the Silver Crystal and wonders what it was, then realizes something happened to Makoto. She charges off and finds the plaza where the battle recently occurred, the ground still smoking from Sailor Jupiter's energy blast. Human Luna staggers in, then collapses into Usagi's arms.

At the Hikawa Shrine, the children whose mothers were affected by Queen Metalia's powers sniffle mournfully while in the other room, Artemis attempts to fix some dinner for them. The children discover him, and he tells them it's a secret he can talk, then attempts to distract them by offering to play.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru thinks about the life-draining stone within him, and determines to destroy Metalia before it kills him. Just then, Rei appears in his chambers, closely followed by Mio. Mio declares that she was bored and so brought a guest, then flops down onto the bed to watch the other two interact. Mamoru asks about Usagi, and Rei sadly tells him that she is doing as he asked, and trying hard to smile.

Back in her bedroom, Usagi tries to contact the others, but nobody is answering their phones. The wounded Luna wakes up and Usagi tends to her.

Makoto awakens and finds herself in Minako's hotel room. Minako says that the Youma knocked her away at the last moment, and that's why she survived the blast. Makoto is upset that she failed to destroy the Youma, but Minako is upset about Makoto's actions. Makoto says that she will fulfill the mission from her past life, even if she has to sacrifice her life to do it, just like Minako is doing. Makoto thinks that she is supposed to be alone so that when the time came for her to die, nobody would be sad.

Rei encourages Mamoru to leave the Dark Kingdom, for Usagi's sake, but he refuses. Rei tells him that he doesn't need to stay trapped in the past life, and says that she has decided to ignore it. Mamoru says that it cannot be ignored, and Rei is disappointed that he is just like the others.

Medical staff rush a patient through the hallway of the hotel, and Minako says that because there are so many victims of the Youma that the hospital has to house patients there as well. Makoto is disappointed that she didn't destroy the Youma, and says that next time she will do better. Minako tries to forbid her from trying again, but Makoto says she has to; it doesn't matter if she dies, because she will be reborn, and Sailor Jupiter will live on. Minako laughs sadly at hearing her words echoed back at herself, and says she is starting to understand how Rei feels. She asks Makoto who Motoki is, because Makoto said his name in her sleep; Makoto is shocked, but Minako gently points out that she isn't really alone. Artemis arrives then and asks Minako to come with him.

As Usagi tends to the wounded Luna, she asks why they didn't call her to help fight the Youma. She says that she feels like everyone is drifting away from her lately, and asks if they're avoiding her. Luna encourages her to smile, and says that everyone decided to make sure Usagi didn't have to fight, so that she wouldn't be alone in her efforts to suppress the Silver Crystal's power.

Jadeite arrives, demanding to know why a Sailor Senshi is present, and tries to attack Rei. Mamoru comes to her defense, though, telling her that he isn't chained to the past life, but he needs to put an end to it so that they can live in the present. He transforms into Prince Endymion and fights off Jadeite, then sends Rei back. Afterwards, though, he collapses to the ground, clutching at his chest with a cry of pain. The light-colored spot on the painting behind him becomes more defined, and turns into an image of Endymion.

As Metalia's Youma stalks the streets of Tokyo, the people on the sidewalk all collapse. Rei and Ami arrive and transform into Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury.

Minako arrives at the Hikawa Shrine and wonders why they are there. As she walks farther into the grounds, she finds the two children singing "C'est la Vie." Artemis tells her about their parents, and says that when he asked what they wanted to do, they told him that they wanted to sing Minako's songs. He says that even if Minako were to die tomorrow, he doesn't think she would just disappear.

Makoto races down the street toward the Youma and finds Motoki collapsed in front of a street vendor's stand. When she kneels beside him, he recognizes her and with the last of his strength, hands her the new turtle-shaped protective charm he'd bought to replace the broken one. She thinks about Minako's words and realizes that her Senshi power awoke because she wasn't alone. Makoto gently rests her hand on Motoki's, then turns in the Youma's direction with a determined look on her face.

Artemis tells Minako that even if she thinks that "Minako Aino" is weak, he does not, and in fact, he really likes her. He says that he wants her to live. As she watches the children singing, she begins to cry silently.

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars attempt to fight the powerful Youma, but are outmatched. Sailor Jupiter arrives, and the three of them attack at once. The Youma, however, only sends their attack back at them. It then draws in even more energy, causing people to collapse and plants to wither all around the city.

Queen Beryl wonders aloud what she needs to do to keep Metalia's power from destroying the planet.

The Youma prepares to finish off the three Senshi, but Minako arrives. Sailor Jupiter is concerned because she cannot transform and tells her to run away, but as she concentrates, Minako begins to glow with a bright golden light. She then transforms into Sailor Venus, and the others realize that she has awakened her Senshi power.

Sailor Venus draws the Youma outside and uses Rolling Heart Vibration, which hurls it backwards and forces Metalia's influence to depart. Sailor Moon arrives, and all the Senshi combine their powers to perform Moonlight Attractive Attack, which finally destroys the Youma.

Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Sailor Moon, and as the sound of her harp echoes across the city, all those who were affected by Metalia's power finally wake up. Naru comes out of the hospital to find Usagi waiting there. She thanks Usagi, saying that she was right to believe in her friend.

As the girls walk home, Minako tells the others that, even if the probability of success is very low, she has decided to have the surgery. Makoto looks at the turtle charm Motoki gave her and smiles. Ami pauses briefly, glancing back and wondering about Usagi, before catching up with the others again.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • This episode showed the first concrete sign that Makoto was beginning to accept Motoki's feelings for her.
  • In this episode, Artemis first told Minako that he liked her. While there is no sign that he harbored any romantic feelings for her, this is the closest thing in this series to the way his manga counterpart showed some interest in her in the Dream arc of the manga.


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