Act 42 - I Won't Use the Power of the Legendary Silver Crystal!

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Usagi works hard to train herself not to use the power of the Silver Crystal, and in the meantime, Queen Beryl plants a stone in Mamoru's body that will slowly drain his life every time he thinks about Usagi.


PGSM Episode
Usagi works on her endurance training
Name (kanji/kana): 幻の銀水晶の力は使わない!
Name (romaji): Maboroshi no Ginzuishou no Chikara wa Tsukawanai!
Name (translated): I Won't Use the Power of the Legendary Silver Crystal!
Episode Number: 42
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: July 31, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 41 - Actually, I'm a Senshi!
Next Episode: Act 43 - Usagi and Mamoru's Promise

In the Dark Kingdom, Mio observes that Usagi used her power again, and might just destroy the world after all. Mamoru stubbornly insists that he believes in her, and Mio warns him that he might be in danger, then, and directs his attention toward a painting on the wall.

Queen Beryl gives Jadeite a stone and tells him to bury it in Endymion's body, in order to force his heart to let go of the Princess.

In the Secret Base, the girls discuss Queen Metalia's growing power, which is affecting people on Earth and destroying their hearts. Usagi is upset, because she realizes that Metalia's power is the Silver Crystal's power, and she can't control it.

Usagi goes to the hospital to see Naru and apologize for what happened. Naru teases her about keeping secrets, and says she's more upset about that than being wounded. Now that it's not a secret, though, she asks Usagi to tell her about her Senshi abilities.

Jadeite walks slowly through the halls of the Dark Kingdom, thinking about Beryl's orders. In the meantime, Zoisite finds Kunzite practicing sword work and mentions that Jadeite has decided to be loyal to Beryl. Zoisite suggests that Kunzite help him protect their Master, but Kunzite says it is his own will that makes him want to take his revenge. Zoisite asks Kunzite why he hasn't taken his revenge right away, and if that might be because his true self is awake deep down inside.

After hearing the whole story, Naru tells Usagi that she isn't worried. Even if Usagi doesn't do very well when it comes to doing things for herself, like with her test scores, she still does her absolute best when it comes to helping other people, and Naru believes in her.

Back at home, Usagi sits in a hot bath for a couple hours, for endurance training. Luna finally comes to check on her just as Usagi slips under the water; just then Shingo appears and sees her, and she panics. She transforms into her human form and runs past him, pausing for a moment to do the Sailor Moon-style "I'll punish you" pose before disappearing up the stairs. Shingo just stares after her, then says he'll pretend he didn't see anything.

Usagi's mother puts Usagi to bed, chiding her daughter for feeling the need to do strange things for a diet. After she leaves, Luna crawls out from under the bed, worrying because Shingo saw her.

Queen Metalia's latest Youma walks the streets of Tokyo, and where it passes people suddenly collapse.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki worries about "Nefukichi," as he has been acting strangely lately. Nefukichi whines about how pathetic he is, then as Ami enters, the two of them share a look.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi is undergoing more endurance training, with uncomfortable heat, difficult textbooks supplied by Ami, and her least favorite foods supplied by Makoto. As she approaches the table to get the food, though, she passes out from the heat. After she recovers, she starts in on the food, cringing as she eats, and her friends cheer her on.

As Mamoru is thinking about Usagi, willing her to suppress her powers, Jadeite arrives with the stone given to him by Queen Beryl. Zoisite attempts to interfere and reawaken Jadeite's memories, but is stopped by Beryl. Jadeite resumes his task and presses the stone into Mamoru's chest, declaring that, no matter what happened in the past, Beryl is now his only master.

As Usagi and Ami walk to the hospital to visit Naru, Luna suddenly senses the presence of a Youma. The girls see a number of people collapsed on the ground outside the hospital and rush inside, worried about their friend. Luna tells them that the Youma is no longer in the building, and Usagi promises Naru that she will do her best.

Usagi, Ami, and Luna head off in pursuit of the Youma, and once they find it, transform into their Senshi forms. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury attack in unison, but the Youma absorbs their power and grows stronger; it attacks in turn and wounds Sailor Mercury and Sailor Luna. Sailor Moon desperately tries to suppress the Silver Crystal's power, and seems to be losing the battle in the face of the Youma's continued attacks, when Endymion appears and protects her. He congratulates her on her improved control.

Mio arrives and tells Endymion that she warned him what would happen if he went near Usagi. The stone in his chest begins to glow and he drops to his knees in pain. Mio tells Sailor Moon that the stone buried in him drains his life every time he thinks about her, so it will be her fault if he dies. She smirks and disappears, taking Endymion with her. Stunned, Sailor Moon walks toward where he just was, not noticing that the Youma is attacking, and as the dust clears from its blow, she has transformed into Princess Sailor Moon. As she and the Youma fight, Metalia's power increases; plants wilt, people on the street collapse, and at Karaoke Crown, Nefukichi looks startled as he senses it. Usagi's concern for her friend breaks through Princess Sailor Moon's single-minded focus; she transforms her sword into a harp, and as she plays it, Sailor Mercury's wound is healed and life is brought back to those drained by Metalia. Princess Sailor Moon then prepares to attack the Youma, but Usagi stops her and the attack backfires.

In that flash of light, Usagi confronts Princess Sailor Moon, asking why she doesn't understand that if she uses her power the world and the people on it will be hurt. Princess Sailor Moon, however, refuses to think of anything but Endymion. She says that without him, there is no need for the planet. Usagi is saddened by this, and says there are other things to protect as well. The Princess replies that even so, she is sure that someday Usagi will do the same thing, for Endymion.

When the light fades, Sailor Moon has returned to normal. The three Senshi attack the Youma simultaneously with Luna Sucre Candy, Mercury Aqua Storm, and Moon Twilight Flash, but it blocks the attacks with its sword and retreats. Sailor Luna and Sailor Mercury congratulate Sailor Moon on being able to control her power, but she says that they might need the Silver Crystal to defeat this Youma. The other Senshi tell her that sometimes the power is necessary, and that is why it exists, so someday she will need to use it. Sailor Moon is determined not to use it again until that day comes.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru collapses into a chair, clutching his chest in pain. Meanwhile, a spot of light grows on the painting on the wall behind him.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • The transformation of the Princess Sword into the Princess Harp was shown for the first time in this episode, and the Harp was also used for healing for the first time.


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