Act 3 - The Third Senshi is Miko Rei

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While searching for the other Senshi and the Silver Crystal, Ami and Usagi encounter the mysterious miko, Rei, and discover that she is Sailor Mars.


PGSM Episode
Rei, concentrating on the fire
Name (kanji/kana): 三人目の戦士はみこのレイちゃん
Name (romaji): Sannin Me no Senshi wa Miko no Rei-chan
Name (translated): The Third Senshi is Miko Rei
Episode Number: 3
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: October 18, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 2 - Ami Became a Friend
Next Episode: Act 4 - Sneaking into the Party!

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is once again admiring Kamekichi. Usagi and Ami enter and show their one-year passports, but Ami seems uncertain about using it. Usagi assures her that it's okay, and Motoki and Kamekichi both agree.

Down in the Secret Base, Luna has set up a quiz show for Usagi and Ami to review their mission and goals. Usagi seems confused by mention of the Silver Crystal, and Luna explains that it has great power and could destroy the Earth if it fell into the wrong hands. She changes the subject to Sailor V, and she and the girls wonder if she's another one of their companions - possibly even the Princess herself. Luna gives Ami her own Teletia S and encourages the girls to find the other Sailor Senshi.

At the Hikawa Shrine, a miko sits before a fire. Outside, a schoolgirl walking along a path is attacked by a Youma that pulls her through a door to another dimension; the doorway vanishes and two crows circle the spot where the girl had been. The Miko looks up, her hands clenching, and the flames before her swirl.

It's lunchtime at the junior high and Usagi and her friends discuss how girls have been mysteriously disappearing lately. One of them starts telling scary stories about an evil Miko at the shrine, which scares Usagi, though Naru assures her it's just a rumor. Usagi then sees Ami walking by and invites her to eat lunch with them, to the astonishment of her friends, but Ami declines in favor of studying.

After school, Usagi meets up with Ami and wonders why she refused to eat lunch together. Ami tells her it'd be suspicious if they were suddenly friends, since they need to keep it secret that they're Senshi. Moving on to the rumored disappearances, she suggests that it could be the work of a Youma, and Usagi enthusiastically suggests that they track it down. As they talk, however, Usagi accidentally bumps into a strange girl (who happens to be the same person as the Miko from earlier). She apologizes and the girl walks off, but then they notice the stranger dropped her bracelet. Usagi picks it up and runs off after the stranger, leaving Ami behind.

The strange girl continues down the path toward the Hikawa Shrine.

In its strange blue-lit dimension, the Youma dances amidst the unconscious bodies of its victims, as Jadeite reports to Queen Beryl. Beryl tells Jadeite that she will not accept failure.

Usagi follows the path that the strange girl had taken, heading into the shrine as the stories her friends told her echo in her head. She grows increasingly nervous until the Miko appears in front of her, at which point she screams and runs away. As she leaves the shrine, she passes a girl with the same school uniform the Miko was wearing earlier.

Later that evening, Usagi tells Ami that she'll try to return the bracelet again tomorrow. Ami tells her that she's been compiling information on the missing girls in the hope that she'll find something useful. Usagi's mother brings in some drinks for the girls and begins a teasing wrestling match with her daughter, much to Ami's bemusement.

Luna attempts to catch up with Sailor V as she leaps from roof to roof through the city, but finally has to give up. As she stops, she wonders to herself if Sailor V could be the Princess.

The next day, Usagi returns to the shrine to find the strange girl being threatened by a group of other girls who seem to think she's the reason for the disappearences. One of them adds that she'd seen a girl running away from the shrine the day before; Usagi walks up and tells them it's all right, it was her running and she was just startled, so everything is okay. Somehow, she manages to defuse the situation and everyone departs.

As the girl walks away, Usagi comes up behind her and calls her "Rei." Surprised, Rei turns around, and Usagi hands her the bracelet, explaining that the beads on it spelled out her name. Usagi also apologizes because she feels it was her fault the girls were bothering her; Rei disagrees and says that it happens all the time.

Once more in her Miko robes, Rei kneels before the fire and concentrates.

As Usagi leaves the shrine, Ami calls and tells her to come quickly, because she thinks she knows where the next target will be.

When Usagi joins her, Ami explains that the previous six targets were Miko at a festival, but there was a seventh one. She's found that one, so all they need to do is watch her. Using their phones, Usagi and Ami disguise themselves as Miko and go to follow the girl.

Usagi tells Ami about her visit to the shrine as they walk through the halls in search of the girl, but is surprised to see Rei up ahead of them. The two girls hear a scream and start to run toward its source, but find Rei crouched by the unconscious girl. When she hears them approach, Rei pulls out an ofuda, which makes Usagi wonder if she's an enemy - but Rei calls out, "Akuryo Taisan!" and throws it at a floating pile of leaves that was behind them. As it collapses, she observes that she has finally found what was behind the girls' disappearance. Usagi's relief that Rei isn't an enemy after all is short-lived, as the Youma's dimensional door opens and it pulls Rei in. Usagi quickly grabs Rei's waist and is sucked in as well. Left behind, Ami makes a frantic phone call to Luna.

Usagi and Rei find themselves in the blue-lit dimension with the Youma approaching, threateningly. Usagi tells Rei to run away and then transforms into Sailor Moon. The battle doesn't go well for Sailor Moon, and the Youma traps her with some vines, but she still tries to encourage Rei to run to safety. Rei starts to go, but her bracelet begins to glow red.

Luna tells Ami to transform and open a gateway to the Youma's dimension, which she does using Mercury Aqua Mist.

Rei's bracelet changes into a transformation bracelet like Ami's, making Sailor Moon realize that she's also a Senshi. She calls for Rei to transform, but before she can the Youma attacks and buries her in leaves. Rei breaks free of the attack, though, and transforms into Sailor Mars. After a brief fight, she destroys the Youma using Youma Taisan. The Youma's victims begin to wake up just as the portal Sailor Mercury created opens, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars help them escape. Once they're out, Sailor Mars follows, but Sailor Moon is grabbed by another one of the vines and pulled away. Tuxedo Mask saves her, though, and helps her get through the portal just as it closes.

Tuxedo Mask quickly departs, leaving Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury wondering who he is. Luna tells Sailor Mars that she's the third Senshi, to which she replies that she now understands why she has the powers she does.

Queen Beryl reprimands Jadeite for his failure and curses the interference of the Sailor Senshi.

Now that they've found the third Senshi, Usagi declares that they need to have a party. Rei, however, doesn't like this idea; she says that she hates karaoke, and has no interest in being friendly with the other two girls, anyway. She walks off alone, leaving a very disappointed-looking Usagi.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Phobos and Deimos appeared only in this episode as digitally animated crows.


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