Act 39 - Usagi's Mother's Challenge as a Reporter!

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Usagi's mother auditions to be a TV reporter with Sugao Saitou's enthusiastic help, and Prince Endymion announces himself to be Sailor Moon's enemy.


PGSM Episode
Sailor Moon starts to lose control of her power
Name (kanji/kana): うさぎちゃんのママがレポーターにちょうせん!!
Name (romaji): Usagi-chan no Mama ga Repootaa ni Chousen!!
Name (translated): Usagi's Mother's Challenge as a Reporter!
Episode Number: 39
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: July 10, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 38 - Believe Me! I Definitely Won't Destroy the Planet!
Next Episode: Act 40 - Minako vs Rei, Where's the Battle?

Prince Endymion draws his sword and points it at Sailor Moon, declaring that from now on, he is her enemy. He says that the Silver Crystal will bring destruction to the Earth, and that she cannot think she will be safe if they meet again. After he leaves, Sailor Moon repeats to herself that they cannot let the planet be destroyed.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Mio is waiting, and wonders if now Usagi is at home crying. Endymion replies that she is stronger than that, but Mio is doubtful.

At the Secret Base, Usagi sits at the table, staring mournfully at a piece of cake while her friends watch with concern. She suddenly announces that her diet is over and starts to eat, and everyone is shocked. Usagi cheerfully tells them that she is fine, and is convinced that Mamoru is just acting. Luna isn't convinced, and is worried that he might really attack Usagi. Usagi just says that everything is okay, and the planet definitely will not be destroyed.

Minako is lying down in her hotel room, and Artemis is concerned about all the fighting she's been doing lately. She says that she needs to manage her time better, because she's been absent a lot and causing trouble for her manager. Artemis says that he doesn't like the manager, because he kissed him the other day. Minako laughs and brings him close to her face as though about to kiss him as well, but she instead congratulates him on his first kiss, and Artemis gets annoyed.

Usagi comes home to find Minako's manager talking to her mother, and it turns out that the two of them knew each other in high school. He recognizes Usagi, and notes that Luna is just like Minako's stuffed toy, just a different color. Delighted, he grabs Luna and gives her a big kiss.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki sits at the front desk, complaining to Kamekichi about being bored. Suddenly something breaks in the back room, and he yells at the person back there to be more careful. The person, whose face is in shadow, clenches his fist in anger.

Sugao tells Usagi that a producer he knows was looking for a housewife to act as a TV reporter, so he thought of his friend Ikuko. He pulls out a video camera and says they need to make a video for an audition, and Ikuko and Usagi are both very excited. In the meantime, human Luna sits in the kitchen, wiping her mouth and whining about her first kiss.

Mamoru summons Kunzite to him and orders him to attack the Princess.

Sugao arrives at a park with Ikuko, Usagi, and Shingo, telling them that the program is about a housewife in action, and they get ready to film. Ikuko eagerly throws herself into the activity and jogs off, and Usagi and Shingo reluctantly follow, wondering why they have to join in. The three of them run through an obstacle course, as Sugao follows them with the camera, enthusiastically cheering Ikuko on. Next, he has them do push-ups, and Usagi imagines herself in the middle of a war movie with Sugao as the drill sergeant. Luna watches, looking bored, then transforms into her human form and wanders off.

A Youma appears on the top of a building, then assembles a sort of sniper rifle with a crystalline "bullet." He takes aim toward the park.

Ikuko stands in front of a mountain backdrop, pretending to be reporting from the top of a high peak as Usagi and Shingo throw snow onto her. Shingo gets sick of the whole thing and announces he is going home. Usagi starts to follow him, but just then the Youma takes aim at her and fires; the bullets miss and fragment against the backdrop, and the fragments hit Ikuko. Usagi takes cover and Luna tells her that she is being targeted by a Youma. She and Luna then run away to draw fire away from her mother.

Usagi and Luna transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Luna, and try to find where the Youma is attacking from. Sailor Luna concentrates for a moment, listening, and declares that she knows where it is. The two of them sneak up on the Youma from behind and get its attention, then it chases after Sailor Moon. Sailor Luna moves to follow, but is stopped by Kunzite; she darts around him quickly to confuse him, then tries to hit him over the head with her fan, but he remembers that she used this technique before and blocks it with his sword.

Sailor Moon draws the Youma off into the woods, then turns around and attacks it. She manages to destroy its rifle with a blast from the Moonlight Stick, at which point it runs away. Sailor Moon chases it into an open meadow, and there finds Endymion; she is happy to see him, but he draws his sword and tells her that he said for her to not think she was safe with him.

Meanwhile, Sailor Luna transforms her Moonlight Stick into a golden fan, but finds it too heavy to wield and falls over. The fan flies out of her hands and strikes the Youma in the head, and when it falls to its knees, Sailor Luna uses Luna Sucre Candy to destroy it.

Sailor Moon faces off against Endymion, wondering if he is just pretending. He attacks her, though, and knocks the Moonlight Stick out of her hands. She asks him if he is really serious, and in response, he slices through the bow on the front of her sailor fuku, which makes the Moon Phase drop to the ground. When Sailor Moon picks it up, she finds the face has cracked. Endymion lifts his sword again and she cries his name, at which point her tiara gleams and she begins to glow with an intense golden light.

Queen Beryl watches Queen Metalia's power increase, and notes that the Princess has emerged again.

The power of the Silver Crystal emits from Sailor Moon, causing a strong earthquake. The force of the quake causes Shingo to slip off the bridge he was walking on, leaving him hanging off the edge; Sailor Moon notices this and begs Endymion to save him, but he orders her to calm down and control her power. She tearfully begs the Silver Crystal to stop, and finally the power subsides. Endymion tells her that he might someday have to fight her; right now, she needs to believe in herself, not him, but he believes that they will eventually be able to be together.

Usagi finds Shingo sitting on the bridge and asks if he is okay; he is, but admits that he was scared. She thinks about what Endymion said, realizing that he is right.

Minako sits in her hotel room, looking at a pile of magazines with her on the cover. A news report comes on the TV, and Ikuko appears on it, talking excitedly about the earthquake while Usagi tries to calm her down. Artemis recognizes the Princess and says that the Silver Crystal is starting to affect the Earth. Minako turns off the TV and says that she has made a decision: she is going to stop singing.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • This episode showed for the first time that Luna Sucre Candy was a lethal attack.
  • This episode demonstrated that a transformed Sailor Senshi could still carry a non-Senshi civilian item physically, i.e. Sailor Moon carrying the Moon Phase.


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