Act 38 - Believe Me! I Definitely Won't Destroy the Planet!

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The events of previous episodes are recapped, as Usagi tells Princess Sailor Moon about Mamoru and renews her vow that the past will not repeat itself.


PGSM Episode
Usagi tells Princess Sailor Moon about Mamoru
Name (kanji/kana): 信じて!ぜったい、星はほろびない!!
Name (romaji): Shinjite! Zettai, Hoshi wa Horobinai!!
Name (translated): Believe Me! I Definitely Won't Destroy the Planet!
Episode Number: 38
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: July 3, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 37 - The Princess Will Cause a Catastrophe!?
Next Episode: Act 39 - Usagi's Mother's Challenge as a Reporter!

After admitting that she was the one who destroyed the planet in the past, Princess Sailor Moon resumes playing her harp.

In a flashback, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion are in the Moon Palace when she is attacked; Endymion jumps in front of his beloved and takes the blow for her. Serenity drops to her knees beside his still form and cries out his name. A massive surge of energy comes from her and engulfs both the Moon and the Earth, destroying everything. The Prince and Princess are left lying hand-and-hand in the ruins of the Moon Palace.

Queen Beryl tells Mamoru that the Princess's power and Queen Metalia's power are the same, and if she is not stopped the planet will be destroyed again. Mamoru is worried, thinking about Usagi.

As the Senshi slowly approach Princess Sailor Moon, she tells them to stay back, and disappears in a flash of golden light. She reappears on a high rooftop and mourns that she and Endymion still cannot be together, no matter how many times they are reborn. As she begins to play the harp again, she disappears once more and ends up in a bright white room, facing Usagi Tsukino.

In the Secret Base, everyone discusses the fact that the Princess was responsible for the world's destruction in the past, and Endymion's death was the reason. Rei says that the Silver Crystal's power flared when Usagi's emotions became powerful, such as when she tried to save Dark Mercury, or when Tuxedo Mask was injured. Makoto says it was easier when she thought she only had to defeat the enemy.

Minako walks back to her set, talking to Artemis about how the Silver Crystal and Queen Metalia have the same power. She says that the past is about to repeat itself, and she needs to protect the Princess and make sure that doesn't happen.

Usagi asks Princess Sailor Moon if her song is sad because she is thinking about Endymion. Princess Sailor Moon replies that she cannot be with him, because what was decided in the past will not change. Usagi thinks about Mamoru and says that she is glad, even though she was told it wasn't allowed. She admits, though, that they didn't exactly get along at first, and remembers their first encounter, and all the other times they ran into each other and promptly began fighting. She then thinks about how she admired Tuxedo Mask, without knowing they were the same person.

Motoki is struggling with a large box full of groceries when human Nephrite bumps into him and makes him drop it. Motoki is upset and demands that the stranger help him out, but he refuses and causes a scene.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl once again asks Mamoru to destroy the Princess before she destroys the world again. He thinks about how it all started with his quest to find his identity, and remembers meeting Sailor Moon and his interactions with her, both in her Senshi form and as Usagi.

Jadeite paces back and forth, and finally declares that he will return to Beryl. Zoisite asks if he didn't get his memories back; he did, but is confused about who his true master should be. Kunzite offers to remove the source of his confusion and stalks off.

Usagi hands the Moon Phase to Princess Sailor Moon, saying it was a gift from Mamoru. Princess Sailor Moon observes that they were together only a short time and then torn apart, just like in the past. Usagi says that there was a time she thought it was hopeless and almost gave up, but her feelings didn't change, and so she made a decision.

Mamoru remembers his agreement with Usagi to prove that the past would not repeat itself, and turns away with a determined expression. Kunzite arrives then and draws his sword; Mamoru tells him that if the Shitennou really wants revenge he can have it, but has to give him some time. He challenges Kunzite to a sword fight, and says that if Kunzite loses, he has to help him for a while. Kunzite agrees, Mamoru changes into Prince Endymion, and the two begin to fight. Zoisite arrives and tries to stop them, but Endymion orders him not to interfere.

Princess Sailor Moon says that if nothing changes, the tragedy will happen all over again. If Endymion is killed, she might do the same thing she did before and the planet will be destroyed. Usagi reappears on the rooftop and, as some of Queen Metalia's Youma appear, Princess Sailor Moon's voice can be heard, saying that the process has even already begun. Usagi remembers her promise with Mamoru, and transforms into Sailor Moon.

Meanwhile, Endymion and Kunzite engage in a fierce sword battle.

Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with Moon Twilight Flash, then looks pensively at the watch Mamoru gave her. Suddenly, Jadeite, Zoisite, and Kunzite appear nearby, with Kunzite clutching an injured arm and with an angry expression on his face. The three of them step to one side and reveal Prince Endymion, who steps toward Sailor Moon and draws his sword. As she faces him, she repeats aloud that the planet definitely will not be destroyed.


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