Act 37 - The Princess Will Cause a Catastrophe!?

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Usagi disappears, and her friends search the city for her while trying to keep her family from realizing that she is missing.


PGSM Episode
Ami, disguised as Usagi, talks to Luna
Name (kanji/kana): プリンセスがわざわいをおこす!?
Name (romaji): Purinsesu ga Wazawai wo Okosu!?
Name (translated): The Princess Will Cause a Catastrophe!?
Episode Number: 37
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: June 26, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 36 - Princess Sailor Moon Appears!
Next Episode: Act 38 - Believe Me! I Definitely Won't Destroy the Planet!

The Senshi bring the unconscious Usagi back to the Secret Base and lay her on the couch. They talk about how Princess Serenity awoke, although with a different appearance. Usagi wakes up and is sad about Mamoru, but Rei sharply tells her that she can't let "that monster" take away the one she loves. Usagi is startled, but smiles, agreeing that she is right.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru sits before a tableful of strange-looking food, as Mio urges him to eat. She says that as soon as he is done, she will take him to see Queen Metalia. He demands that he see the Shitennou first, and she agrees, but observes that one of them is already gone.

Queen Beryl stands in Metalia's chamber, wondering why her power has been growing so strong lately.

As Usagi sleeps, she begins to glow with golden light, then sits up and says Endymion's name. Luna awakens shortly afterwards and finds Usagi's bed empty and the window open. She runs through the street in her human form, frantically searching for Usagi, but only hears the elusive sound of a harp melody.

Jadeite is upset that Queen Beryl even tried to use him, when he has been loyal all along. Zoisite tells him that it is because he should be serving his true Master instead. Just then, Mamoru walks into the room.

The next morning at the Tsukino residence, Ikuko comes into Usagi's room to call her to breakfast, and finds her still in bed. With a muffled voice, she says that she will be down soon. As soon as Ikuko leaves, "Usagi" sits up and is revealed to be Ami in disguise. Luna was concerned about what Ikuko would do if she found Usagi missing; Makoto is supposed to be coming over there later, and Rei went to tell Minako what was going on. As Luna and Ami are talking, Ikuko suddenly bursts into the room again, but doesn't notice the deception because she has lost her contacts.

Ami sits at the breakfast table, warily eyeing Ikuko's version of an omelette, when Shingo enters. He stares at her for a moment, but just wanders away again, looking disgusted. Makoto arrives and Ikuko leads her into the dining room; she stares at "Usagi" in surprise and Ami just smiles.

Minako walks with Rei through a set, saying that Artemis is out searching for the Princess. The two of them discuss why she showed up with such a different appearance, and with such strong power; Artemis thought that she was too powerful. One of the set staff walks by then and asks about Minako's friend, and Minako introduces her as a new girl, Reiko Mars, who is there to help her practice the script.

Up in Usagi's bedroom, Makoto, Ami, and Luna talk about Usagi's disappearance. Luna says that they need to search for the harp music she heard, and the girls play paper-rock-scissors to determine who will stay behind to watch the house. Makoto loses and, when Ikuko comes to check on her, pretends to have a cold to explain why her voice sounds different. Ikuko puts her to bed, then worries that her vision must be getting worse, because Usagi looks bigger than usual.

In the meantime, Ami runs through the streets, frantically searching for Usagi.

Mamoru confronts the three remaining Shitennou. Zoisite wants him to leave, but he refuses. Kunzite is angry with him and says he doesn't intend to thank him for his kindness. He and Mamoru face off, and Kunzite draws his sword, again threatening to kill him.

Minako tells Rei about how the war in the past started with an uprising on Earth, caused by the forbidden love of the Prince and Princess. Queen Metalia was the power behind it, and Queen Beryl used her power to lead the people of Earth into war.

Zoisite chides Kunzite for threatening the Master. They remember a time in the past, when Kunzite taught Endymion sword fighting and declared that his sword was one with which he would die to protect his master. Jadeite clutches at his head as his memories return. Kunzite declares that his past disappeared on the day the world was destroyed, and he intends to likewise destroy all those who had a part in it. Before he can do anything, though, Mio arrives and stops him, then leads Mamoru off to see Metalia.

Ami races through the city, and passes a strange young man dressed all in black who is slumped over against a pillar. He awakens, and is revealed to be a human version of Nephrite. He rises to his feet, laughing evilly, and says Beryl's name as his face twists with anger.

As Mamoru enters Queen Metalia's chamber, he finds Queen Beryl waiting for him there.

Minako continues her story, and says that Beryl invaded the Moon Palace, and then the Earth and Moon were both destroyed. She doesn't know what exactly caused it, though, as only the Prince and Princess were there. As the staff member walks by, the two of them quickly pretend to be rehearsing the script again.

Queen Beryl tells Mamoru that she has been waiting ever since his past life to make him hers, when he was the epitome of everything her heart desired; Mamoru tells her that she is delusional, and he is only human. Beryl changes the subject and motions toward Metalia, saying that this is the source of her power, and once that power is fully awakened they can rule the world.

Ami is still searching when she suddenly hears the harp music. She calls the others on her Teletia S and they come running to join her. They also hear the music, but can't tell where it is coming from.

Queen Beryl talks about how Metalia's power has been increasing, to the point that she has been summoning her own Youma.

A group of Metalia's Youma appear near the girls, and they transform into their Senshi forms. After a brief battle, they surround the Youma and destroy them with their Sailor Star Tambourines. However, as soon as those Youma are gone, even more appear. Sailor Mercury realizes that they seem to be attracted to the sound of the harp, and the Senshi decide to follow them.

Queen Beryl declares that Metalia is being influenced by the Princess, and Mamoru looks stunned.

The Senshi keep chasing the Youma, and finally, hours later, find the source of the harp music. Princess Sailor Moon sits atop a wall, playing a harp, but when the Senshi arrive, she stops and says Endymion's name.

Queen Beryl tells Endymion to destroy the princess, because her very existence will bring about the destruction of the planet.

Princess Sailor Moon declares that she was the one who destroyed the planet, and all the Senshi are stunned.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • In this episode, both Ami and Makoto masquerade as Usagi, complete with the signature odango and pigtails. Japanese fans have dubbed the Usagi-styled Ami "Usami."
  • One of the actors on Minako's set was dressed as "Kame Fighter," the main character of the movie Motoki took Makoto to see in Act 31. The Japanese pronunciation of "Kame Fighter" ("kame" (亀) meaning "turtle") is similar to that of "Kamen Rider," which is the name of a long-running tokusatsu series.
  • The outfit Minako wore in this episode was the one she wore at her concert in Act 35, and was also one of her costumes from Kirari Super Live.


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