Act 34 - A Mother-and-Daughter Talk

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Ami and Rei realize how much they have in common, and in turn find ways to deal with their relationships with their parents.


PGSM Episode
Ami and Rei fall asleep in the Secret Base
Name (kanji/kana): はなしあう親子
Name (romaji): Hanashiau Oyako
Name (translated): A Mother-and-Daughter Talk
Episode Number: 34
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: June 5, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 33 - Ami is Changing Schools?
Next Episode: Act 35 - Sailor Venus and Zoisite are Working Together?

Ami walks alone down the sidewalk, away from the place she was supposed to be meeting her mother.

Rei stands before her mother's grave, remembering when she died, and begins to cry.

Once back at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei packs a bag, adding her photo of her mother last.

At the Secret Base, Usagi, Makoto, and Luna discuss the fact that the latest Youma seems to be targeting Rei specifically as payback for the injury she caused it. They are worried about Rei, especially since she's having problems with her father right now. Luna mentions that she hasn't been able to reach Ami, either, and they wonder if she might have run away. Usagi and Makoto decide to split up, with Usagi going in search of Ami and Makoto finding Rei - but just then Rei enters with her bag over her shoulder. Rei says that she's going to stay there for a while because her father is waiting for her in front of the shrine. Usagi goes to find Ami, and Makoto volunteers to make some food for Rei.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl orders Jadeite to change his target from the Princess to Prince Endymion; he does not seem very pleased by this.

Mamoru returns to his hotel room and hears Zoisite's piano. The Shitennou appears before him and tries to warn him about being with the Princess, but Mamoru refuses to listen. He wants to know everything about his past, and Zoisite tells him that he just needs time. He then warns Mamoru that Queen Beryl is planning something and tells him to be cautious.

Makoto brings a large box full of food for Rei, then heads for home. As she starts to leave, however, she asks Motoki if there is somewhere she can stay for a while. He is concerned that she is out so late, but offers her the use of the back office.

Rei is sitting at the table in the Secret Base, looking bored, when Ami walks in. Ami says that she didn't go to the interview, and is worried because she has never fought with or disobeyed her mother, and is afraid that her mother will be angry with her or hate her. Rei is impressed that Ami is willing to try to speak so honestly with her mother. Ami is in turn surprised, and says she only did it because Rei did; Rei, however, says that all she and her father do is fight. She abruptly changes the topic and suggests they eat the food Makoto brought. They open up the container and admire the food, then Ami suggests that they have a party.

Ami's mother sits in her apartment, reading a text message from Ami that asks her not to be worried, because she will come home as soon as she has time to think. She glances at the whiteboard in the kitchen and remembers a young Ami writing her promise to become a doctor.

Ami and Rei begin playing around with their cell phones, changing outfits and modelling for each other. Their party eventually turns into a pillow fight, and both of them finally collapse happily on the couch, surrounded by floating feathers after the pillows have all burst.

Rei's father sits in his car and pulls out the same photo Rei had framed in her bedroom, with his wife and young Rei posing together - but his version of the picture also has him standing just to one side.

Ami's mother goes into her daughter's bedroom and looks at all the photos of her and her friends together. She then pulls out an old photo book of young Ami, and slowly turns the pages.

In the Secret Base, Rei and Ami have fallen asleep on the couch, still covered with feathers.

In the back office of Karaoke Crown, Makoto discusses the situation with Usagi over the phone. As she talks, Motoki unobtrusively slips in and leaves her some dinner.

Ami and Rei head home the next morning, looking much more cheerful, before heading off their separate ways. As Rei walks, a black car pulls up in front of her, and Nishizaki gets out along with two other men. He apologizes to her and says that he is following her father's orders; she agrees to meet him, but not at a restaurant. She insists that he come to the church.

Ami passes an amusement park and pauses, then heads toward it.

Nishizaki is pleased that Rei agreed to meet with her father, because now his job is safe. Rei replies that all she is going to do is talk to him, and Nishizaki replies that was all he wanted. He adds that her father wanted to talk to her so much that he kept inventing excuses, like interviews and polls. Rei is shocked to hear that, but still wonders why he never came to the hospital.

Makoto wakes up, having fallen asleep in the office of Karaoke Crown, and frantically calls Usagi.

Ryuuji Hino crouches before his wife's grave, holding his copy of their family photo. As Rei walks up, he quickly hides it again, but not before she sees him holding it. He demands to know why she wanted to meet in such a place. Rei suddenly senses the Youma's aura nearby, but when she glances toward it, it has vanished; Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrived and drew it away.

Rei again asks her father why he did not come to the hospital. He tells her that it was because he was just too busy with work, and that is the same reason why he left her in the care of the shrine. When she does not seem pleased with that answer, he tells her that he doesn't expect her to understand. After a long pause, she turns and starts to walk away, but he asks her to come to dinner with him. Rei remembers that day in the hospital, when she called for her Papa but he did not arrive, and tells him that maybe she will after some more time passes.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter fight against the Youma, but seem to be losing.

Ami stands before the carousel at the amusement park, remembering when she rode it as a child. She tells herself that she needs to talk to her mother properly and gives a determined nod, then turns away only to find her mother standing there. She found a photograph of Ami's visit that day years ago and remembered how much her daughter loved the carousel. Ami's phone rings then, and Luna tells her that the others need her help. After Ami hangs up, she tells her mother that there is currently something that she needs to do which is more important than studying, even if it means making her mother hate her. Saeko walks up to her daughter and embraces her, before telling her to go and come back safely. Ami nods, smiles, and rushes off.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter are both knocked down by the Youma and struggling to rise as it approaches. Sailor Mars arrives just in time, and is joined by Sailor Mercury. The four Sailor Senshi all attack in unison, and the Youma is destroyed. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon ask their friends if they are okay, and they reply that everything is fine, and Sailor Mercury adds that she is not changing schools, and will always be with them. The girls cheer and hug each other, laughing.

Ami and her mother walk together before Saeko has to head toward work; she says that she will be at work for two or three days, and Ami tells her to go and come back safely. Ami starts to head toward school, then pauses and calls to her mother that after she is done with what she has to do now, she will then try to become a doctor. Saeko replies that that is fine, as long as it is what Ami has decided.

Rei dresses in her miko robes, then pauses to glance at her mother's photo before heading out for the day. The photograph has been unfolded in its frame now, so that now her father is visible.

Mamoru is driving down the street on his motorcycle when a woman suddenly collapses in the road in front of him. He stops to see if she is all right, and as he turns her over, she is revealed to be Mio.

Episode Trivia

  • In this episode, the church where Risa Hino, Rei's mother, was buried was a different location than it was in Act 17. This was because the shooting site had to be changed due to venue problems.
  • When Rei and Ami were playfully engaging in a pillow fight, "Yakusoku" was played as a background song.
  • The carousel beside which Ami and her mother met was the same one where "Akumi" transformed into Dark Mercury in Act 22.


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